So I went little crazy on my lunch break today and collected tons of finds that I am considering ordering. They are all from one of my favorite retailers Esprit. They have good quality clothes with decent prices, size is pretty consistent and it usually fits me off the rack. I love their online store because shipping is only 0.99 EUR and returns are free. And I don't have to pay when I order, they send bill, and I pay just what I decide to keep. Or just 0.99 EUR if I return everything. I think there is a limit that I can order max value of 800 EUR or something like that. They are also often running promotions, currently it is 15% of everything and they ship very quickly, I receive package usually within 2-3 days after ordering.
I collected tons of things but not sure which ones are worth ordering? And which items will create good mix and mach summer casual wardrobe? This is the first time ever that I did not try to multitasks items and did not consider if they can be worn to office or layered under a blazer. This should be strictly weekend wear.
I really appreciate all your help and patience.