I didn't like the initial questions they asked before you signed up-- that test was a lot about body negativity--- and I scored almost completely positive on that section and it still scored me as though I had talked negatively about myself. Although I'm sure it was trying to make women feel a kinship, it honestly seemed more like a way of preying on insecurities.

Hi Elly, I wonder if you have taken the quiz instead of signed up for the 'free course'? There are no questions to sign up for that. I have never even taken the quiz that is on the frontpage, so have no idea what that is like....

I did both, but the quiz on the first page is off-putting.

I've read several reports of bad experiences with Dressing Your Truth on the internet. For example, this one from Ripoffreport:


@ Clouboutain: Really? Troll

You can call me names, but I am honestly trying to help people.

In the comments under reviews at Amazon.com for both Dressing Your Truth and It's Just My Nature there are several reports of various bad experiences. For example, that Carol Tuttle does not honor the money back guarantee.

Abbey, the post above yours was responding to a spammer's post that was removed. This is a super friendly forum, and no one will call you names! Thanks for your input, and welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forum, Abbey! My comment was targeted to the "person" who posted the bad review, which was subsequently removed. That same "person" posted the exact same thing in one of my threads. In no way was my comment directed at anyone else. I just wanted to point out the problem. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks for clearing that up. I didn't see that other post and would never had known. Personal attacks and intimidation happen when people write negative reviews of the Dressing Your Truth books at Amazon, so I automatically assumed it was the same here. I'm happy that it is a nice bunch here!

Hi Abbey,

A warm welcome to the forum! I'm so glad Isis and Ruth chimed in, and I'm sorry this got a little confusing. We removed the spam message (there were several today) and now Ruth's comment looks a bit out of context. (Thank you Ruth for telling off that silly spammer;-) But I can confirm that we are a super friendly bunch here at YLF, and no rudeness whatsoever is tolerated. (how awful about the book comments on Amazon, by the way).

I'm looking forward to seeing you around, and thanks for chiming in about Dressing Your Truth.

The best thing I found was a book in the 80s called "It's You!" I think the author was Nancy Cho. It had a pretty detailed quiz, and you easily saw your top category, 2nd strongest, etc.

I don't remember all of them but the categories were:

I was mostly arty/offbeat with a touch of exotic/dramatic. She detailed examples of key pieces for each category, explained what the main concepts were. Me, for example, I needed unique items, vintage, etc. that were statement pieces.

She then showed how to mix styles together and examples of all occasion ideas. Like, what a sporty/casual would wear for a dressy evening.

I would LOVE an updated version of this book!!

I did the free energy profiling at Dressing your Truth (I found out about via a blog, but I don't remember which). I was a soft subtle type (is that type 2, I can't remember now). I think my personality is probably like that, but I didn't like the clothes I was supposed to wear very much (I watched a lot of the free videos on the website, and looked at before and after photos). And all the stuff I read on there about what to do if you didn't agree with your 'type' seemed to imply that I was somehow misguided for not liking the style I was 'supposed' to wear, which I found a bit insulting.

I recently signed up and have received what I think is a free 10 course that arrives via email. Each day has a video but I have to confess that I can't be bothered watching. The lady on it doesn't personally inspire me in her own personal presentation so I have found it hard to be interested. Having said that I think Claire and Suz have been looking into this recently (it was Suz who brought it to my attention) and it would be interesting to get their feedback on this.

Between Angie and you lovely YLFers I get all the inspiration and instruction I need:)

I tried the free course and I really liked the energy profilling.I think that part is very positive and interesting.However, jumping from there to how to dress for a certain type...

(I am trying to put it in a nice way here) ...I don't think she has the experience and the love for clothes to cater every tastes and necessities of each type.

Of course that by now we are super spoiled by Angie(in a good way) and this forum helps everyone dress according to who they are.

I would like to buy the book about energy profiling but can't see myself buying things from the store.

This post talks about similarities between Dressing Your Truth and books by Suzanne Caygill and Robert A. Rohm:


I've been following Dressing Your Truth for a couple of years now and I have found the concepts very valuable. I've not plunked down the money for the full course, but rather read her articles and books; I especially enjoy all the free videos.

I am a Type 1. Before I came across the Dressing Your Truth concepts (through a google search on body types), I tried to tone down my sillyness and animated, playful nature by dressing in serious corporate colors and styles. And I was miserable. The more money I spent on clothing, the unhappier I became. I think people were also confused by me - I looked very serious but as soon as I began to talk and move it was easy to see that I am much more high energy and bubbly. My natural energy is to encourage and uplift the people around me. It's an important job, especially in a world that is feeling sad right now.

My favorite revivals of clothing which I had given up wearing ....cute shoes, bright colors, jewelry that is noisy, flippy skirts, silly prints. All of these things keep a Type 1 feeling happy. After I cleared the black out of my closet, along with earth tone neutrals like khaki, I immediately just felt better. I realized, through Carol's videos, that its okay for me to be my self; full of wonder, childlike and optimistic. Childlike does not equal childish.

Actually, YLF has helped me quite a bit by learning what my "truth" is and being inspired by others with similar truth (and body type!). I stopped watching WNTW a long time ago. They put the same clothes on everyone and you could see many of them wouldn't last 5 minutes dressed like that in their real lives.

I found this post before joining DYT a week ago. I like Julia's post about other resources and am going to check out a few books at the library thanks to her.
I joined despite some of the negative things that were portrayed here because I feel like I did connect with what Carol (DYT creator) says in her energy assessment free videos.
Signup now is only $99 - and I have to say I was kind of disappointed at first because the advice, while good, seemed to put my style in a box. I am a T4, and the "what to wear" portion only shows very professional clothing styles. No way I am wearing slacks and a button-up at home.
But my sour outlook soon changed as I viewed some of their club night videos that they post every 2-3 months. They have different people come and show what they are doing to dress their truth -T4's wearing comfortable clothing that is still very T4. The club nights highlight topics like shoes/scarves/etc.. to wear for each type. Really helps to smooth out the edges you don't find in the normal course - but resources available to each member when they join.
Additionally, they have links to PDF documents for how a T4 should maintain their clothing to keep it looking crisp (an important aspect to their image), as well as information for T4 body types - very similar to the advice you find here (busty, long or short waist, muffin tops, hips, substantial arms, etc) but all simplified for a ME! FANTASTIC!!! Granted, a lot of it I knew intuitively, but it really helps me to see hard-fast rules that make sense! Now shopping will go even faster - which is well worth the price for me -- looking better and spending less time and money doing it! Who wouldn't pay $99 for that?!?!
I am still really new, and haven't explored all of the resources available, but I am more and more impressed with what I have purchased as I become better educated on it!

Yes, I have tried dressing your truth. I purchased it a few months ago. I loved it originally and I was feeling so great about the way I looked and felt. Then I madethe mistake of talking to Carol Tuttle on a live forum were she was telling me what type I am she described my face as oblong and symetterical I was a little taken back and I researched and my face doesn't look anything like what she described so I got a hold of their customer supprort and was able to talk to Carol for free noramlly it is $150 for a 15 min., call yes, that is another thing everything is more and more money, i willaddress that later. Anyway I talked to her on skype were she told me that my face is heart shaped and I look like Resse Withespoon which is als not a correct analysis. I wrestled with her expert advice and wrote a letter in which I was explaining my frustration and how I hate DYT and how it has made me feel. I was hoping my feedback would be helpful I am sure I am not the only person who has had this same expereince. Carol is continualy contradicting herself in the book it is very clear that no one is to tell you what type you are and she is continually doing it and she says trust yourself you know who you are I have yet to see her agree with very many women about what type they are. Then she will say it is more then facials and that is all she looks at to give her expert advice and then when she does tell her her opinion about your type she holds no accountability for it what so ever. she says it is our responsibility to figure out who we are not hers. she is the expert if she tells people what type they ar she should be held accountable for that. REcently I have been refunded my money without even asking, the scary thing about that is that the company stills as kept my account infomation, scary! this company really has no idea what they are doing. Be very catious when working with them. It has been my expereince tat if you need help or question anything you will be sut down or better yet kicked out of their program. I know i am only one person with a negative experience and it can be easy to think move on and get over it. I am just posting this so that concumers are aware. Be very cautious once you purchase the book it is more money to get information on color and design line and then if you want to know about children more money or men more money if you want healing work it is more money. Money Money Money. Please beware, be informed before joning this company.

I just finished with Dressing Your Truth. I have to say it's a little peculiar. It's a very quasi-psychological/New Agey approach to getting dressed. I found the style of the woman in the video for my "Type 1" -- the annimated, fun woman -- to be rather dated. My biggest disconnect seemed to be the jewelry thing. I am very tall and have fit issues, so I really rely a lot on accessories. I have always loved and worn silver. According to DYT I should be wearing shiny gold. Since the site has inexpensive costume jewelry I thought I would try it. I loved the earrings I got from them, but after one day of wearing them in the Florida heat the gold metallic finish wore off of them. They were cheap -- but they lasted ONE DAY. Plus I just don't feel comfortable wearing gold and the whole style was a little garrish for my taste. I did learn that I need to have a bit more fun (Betsey Johnson style in my world) but everytime I tried to wear the Type 1 style it felt like an epic fail. Carol Tuttle also hates black (except for Type 4s) and I happen to think I look good in black. There were "Club Night" videos which were at time helpful and at times weird. I really didn't like a lot of the "style" presented, except for the Type 2. In one video Carol's daughter (the Type 2 example) chomps gum throughout which is very distracting. Any legitimate fashion complaints (like my "I am six feet tall it is hard to find pants long enough.") is met with quasi-"Law of One" metaphysical response of how you can "manifest" these things through some sort of energy work. If "manifest" meant "sewing my own pants" it might work, but I have had a 34 inch inseam for a long time and there are only a few places that I can afford that make pants long enough. They also do not come in a big range of colors: black, brown, navy, tan and occasionally, if the trend dictates it, olive or white. I've been trying to "manifest" long pants for decades and have only been able to produce them with a few vendors. LOL. Despite my initial experience with the jewelry (It is cheapie jewelry. Pretty much "Clarie's Boutique" quality. I repainted the earrings. I did like the design.) I did like some of the things they had in their shop. The jewelry and accessories are fun and trendy. Beforewarned: These are not, not, NOT investment pieces, but the sort of thing you toss after one or two seasons. Carol insists that the color card they send you with the purchase of the course is a "vibrational tool" NOT a matching tool.

1. Every time I tried "Dressing Your Truth" for my type I didn't feel like I was being me.
2. Gold is really not my thing. I love SILVER.
3. Carol has a point that fashion has really failed women, especially those who do not fit into a certain type.
4. I look great in black. Some people don't.
5. I need to have more FUN.

I did a little more stuff with "Dressing Your Truth" since I had already paid for it. I would have to agree with the reviewer here who referred to Carol Tuttle as being "Chicofied". I found her rather amusing at first, but when I subscribed to her Facebook page things got really weird. If you mention anything not following Carol's rules then you are not "Dressing Your Truth". How she would know that when it is MY truth and not hers is beyond me. The further I got into this group the more I realized that it is not about dressing at all, but about this energy profiling program Carol has developed. Where she gets her information she credits to God. In one YouTube video she describes how she asks her angels to pick out her clothes. Bizarre. ( I would prefer my angels protect my husband in Afghanistan, but apparently Carol's having nothing better to do then pick out her shoes.) I must say that the whole shebang was starting to get a little creepy when she showed a video about being "modest". (Mind you, this is a woman who promote another program that promises you how to have mind-blowing orgasms.) This was my "a-Ha" moment when I realized she was based out of Utah. On the Facebook page for my "type" things got really weird. Seems familial dysfunction can stem from wearing the wrong style for your type -- or so Tuttle would have her followers believe. When I suggested black pants may not be that big of a fashion faux pas, I was called out on it and called a "rebel". If "rebel" means I am not from Utah, so be it. There are cultish qualities to this bunch. Carol purports to support women's sense of self-esteem, but her real purpose is to bilk gullible, vulnerable people out of money for her seriously hokey "philosophy". Unsure what type you are? Fork over some extra money and one of her experts will tell you. Disagree with her? Do so at your own peril. Carol will tell you to listen to your gut, but her pack of followers will pounce on you the second you voice any dissent. My advice is to avoid this program. This woman doesn't know anything about fashion and is a major BS artist.

Good to know, Jessica. Thanks.

I would be more intrigued (without reading the comments, in which case, pass) if ANY of the afters appealed to me at all.

I must sign in and defend my lovely state. Being in Utah doesn't make one part of a "cultish" bunch, just as cultish groups are not unique to Utah. I'm saddened this woman helped reinforce your opinion.

I liked it in the beginning but was turned off by all the 'rules' which you MUST follow, or else....she got really weird in her FB posts, so I went 'buh-bye'

I looked at this several months ago and, like others have said, none of the looks appealed to me. It all felt a little too gimmicky and psychobabblyfor me.

I've tried Dressing Your Truth and there were things I did and didn't like about it.

What I liked:

- It helped me discover which colours suit me and which ones don't. I used to dress pretty much exclusively in black, white and red. I also used to get told I looked ill and tired on an almost daily basis. I never thought these two things were linked. About 14 months ago, after an excruciating experiment of wearing more pastels and florals, I found myself in a real clothing funk and was about ready to try anything. I looked into the DYT system and was typed a Type 3. This would correlate with an Autumn in seasonal colour analysis systems. I had nothing in autumn colours in my wardrobe, literally nothing, and had never tried wearing these colours before. I was so surprised to find how flattering these warm, rich colours were and, above all, how HEALTHY they made me look! In an instant!
- It taught me the power of accessorising and dressing with intent. I never used to accessorise before. I'd buy a pair of earrings halfheartedly and never get round to wearing them. Now I don't feel that my outfit is finished without a pair of earrings and a necklace, or a belt, or a scarf. Along with having a wardrobe with a coherent colour scheme where most things go together, accessorising has made me feel more "pulled together". And feeling pulled together makes me feel good and makes me hold myself a little bit taller.

What I didn't like:

- The lack of variety in styles. A lot of the Type 3 women displayed are middle aged and either wearing trouser suits or jeans and T-shirts. This isn't something I can relate to. There is a young woman called Sarah on the team who is a Type 3 and is always wheeled out as an example of how younger women can dress, but Sarah's style is extremely boho and that doesn't appeal to me either. It struck me about six months in that I was maybe going down the wrong path when I was getting dressed one morning in a pair of brown cords, chartreuse yellow long sleeved T-shirt and oxblood cardigan and my fiancé looked at me sadly and said, "your style has got a lot plainer since you've started doing this Type 3 stuff".
- All the stuff about angels and healing. Enough already.

Where I'm at now:

My fiancé's comment made me realise that I really enjoy wearing patterned clothes and that all the new clothes I'd bought had been in plain block colours. One of my fashion resolutions for 2013 was therefore to increase the ratio of pattern in my wardrobe. I've discovered that some of my favourite things are tweed, tartan, button up blouses and shirts, fishtail skirts, high necks, shoes and boots with buckles, laces and small Victorian heels, paisley, waistcoats and steampunk and dandyism in general. I like traditional, even conservative silhouettes but with opulent colour and pattern. So I'm seeking to increase these elements whilst staying within my Autumn colour palette.

In conclusion, Dressing Your Truth was a good starting point for me, but just a start. It was a useful tool, not the whole answer. Any system that says, "You are this. Wear exactly what we say and you will be happy" is too dictatorial for my tastes. What's more, it allows no room for personal expression, which is surely what fashion is all about.

+1 to Vivi. Not sure where Utah comes into it, but anyway...

When the discussion on Dressing Your Truth popped up a few months ago I looked into it with the free videos and so on, but it quickly turned me off. Far too much on energy and healing and strictly following the prescribed looks. I didn't like the styles she had the other women in, either, and thought they all looked rather dated and same-y, in a way. I do appreciate a bit of psychobabble in my life, but her manifestation of it was rather over the top.

It also appears that she has plagiarized much of the material for this and other books, at least according to one rather comprehensive review: http://www.amazon.com/gp/forum.....=Tx1VO2KVV