Now that we have entered that time of the year when there is gross dirty snow, ice, salt, and sand all over the sidewalks, I once again find myself unable to wear the majority of my shoes and boots because they are too cold, too slippery, or too fragile.

I am SO SICK of my black riding boots (in the find below)! I have pretty much been wearing them constantly except for the days when I have to wear more serious snow boots.

I'm not really seeing much that fit my criteria and are interesting though, so I'd love it if anyone has seen anything that might work. =)

My criteria (mostly not negotiable, sorry):
 -not black or brown (I'd love grey or burgundy) - I would consider    black if it's something really interesting.
 -mid calf or higher (ETA ideally a 10" or higher shaft)
 -lug sole or something with similar traction
 -reasonably warm
 -waterproof or at least water resistant
 -material that can handle abuse
 -no more than 2" heel (preferably 1-1.5)
 -not too wide or high volume, especially in the ankle
 -if knee high, must fit a 15" calf

 -not excessively furry or hairy - a fuzzy lining is fine but I'm not a fan of lots of fur.
 -NOT sporty or gear-ish

Just to be clear, I am not looking for serious snow boots, just something I can walk about in the city in on sidewalks with ice, old snow, etc.