My biggest wardrobe hole this season is a pair of versatile flat booties; I already have 3 comfy pairs with a 2" heel that are fine for work, but I want shoes that I can walk miles in the city in which means <1.5" heel.

I'd also like to try the high-shaft bootie trend since it will work well with my boyfriend jeans and mild climate... but I really can't find what I want, at any price point, with the heel requirement. I also have narrow ankles so looking for a ~9" opening, making things harder. Ideally the perfect booties would also be under $200 and not black/brown/grey, but I'll settle for black if it fulfills everything else.

Anyone have advice on where I should be searching when Nordstrom comes up empty? Or maybe I'm just being too picky with online browsing and need to order stuff to try on in person?

Attached in finds are two pairs of booties that have the shape I'm looking for but the (modest) heel is still too high for all-day walking.

UPDATE: I ordered the burgundy suede Chelsea booties that annagybe shared, and I'm keeping them! The ankle isn't quite as narrow as I'd like but close enough to avoid the flowerpot look, and the shaft is high enough for the "look." I got the smallest size (6) and did my usual trick of adding drugstore insoles for both comfort and taking up extra room, since my true size is a 5.5. I have never bought Aldo shoes before, but the quality seems pretty good for the price and the pull-tab on the back is very soft (not irritating).