Angie piqued my interest with the Find and description and so I'm wondering, , do the buttons and neckline make it interestingly MORE refined and a bit dressy, or is it at heart still a "jean-sweater"? I'm not as waif- like as the model so I'm not sure how it would read on me. It might be cut too slim at the hip.
So many sweaters, on me at least, still look very casual, even spendy brands, cashmere, colors. It's not just oversizing, because I like fluid fits. I wish I knew how to describe " the look" that separates my aspirational refined work look from not- so. Styling does matter of course , such as using a pencil skirt to add structure and polish. And something about necklines and hems. Or maybe it's my lack of dressy footwear or heels that keeps some outfits with sweaters looking just a bit too off- hand or maybe preppy.
Anyway, has anyone else tried it on IRL? Refined, or woodsy?