I always love Angie's and other YLFers' capsule posts, and the Redbook mix and match capsules. That was one of my first posts, talking about doing a Redbook capsule challenge...well I never got around to doing it! After reading Angie's fall capsule post, I was all excited to try it in my own closet. I wasn't able to come up with a cohesive set of items that all worked together and that all passed my "feels like me" test. I can come up with lots of outfits, but just one at a time. The outfits are all different and each one needs specific accessories to go with it. I think the problem is I love color and patterns, and I do some pattern mixing but not all colors and patterns can go with each other. And I'm more into matchy matchy than mix and matching. I like to evolve a "perfect" version of each outfit rather than mixing things up just for the sake of mixing. I get bored if I'm limited to just a few subtle neutrals. This is why I can't do Vivienne Files or other minimalist capsules. And this is why my closet is so huge and chaotic looking! Well, it's organized, but a big riot of color and pattern.

I thought when I got pregnant I would pare down and do a maternity capsule. Well, no, I just ended up using my old clothes and buying stretchy stuff and still didn't dress in capsules. The closest I've come to a real capsule is to buy a bunch of Tommy Bahama clothes in similar colors, that could serve as a travel capsule. I think that's the only time I really need to dress in capsules, because I can only bring so much stuff when I'm travelling.

I sure wish I could learn to think better in capsules--maybe it would help me get dressed faster in the morning! Any tips from you capsule masters? Or should I just let it go and chalk it up to personality differences and embrace my method?

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