The rag & bone devon? I've already ordered the Munro Robyns, and really hope that they work out. I can't do super high heels, and comfort is numero uno for me. My current black suede booties are too flowerpot around my ankle so I never wear them. The Rag & Bones are what first caught my eye - I like that they have a bit of an edge. The only issue on the model is that one of them seems to gape a bit at the top, on the other model there is no gape.

Since I missed my boot order today, and won't likely get down to the border to pick them up for a couple of weeks, I'm wondering if i should hedge my bets and order another pair just to try in case the Munros don't work out.

Does anyone have experience with these?

Don't worry, I'll be far away from WIFI next week so no more shopping posts from me for awhile...