Love them and own about 700 of them (or so it seems like) BUT......they pick up every single g#da## piece of lint and cat hair within a 10 mile radius. If I lay the hanger on the bed, it picks up fluff, dust, hair, whatever SO easily. That part really bothers me, and I'm not sure what the solution is short of never letting them come into contact with a surface.

Always LOVE closet pics! Your closet looks great and the hangers really save space!

Love mine! I have Huggable Hangers from Target and a similar hanger they sell at Solutions organizing store in Canada. Mine are beige. They take up much less space. I dry tees and shirts on them with no issues. Things don't slip off. And, no shoulder bumps on my tops!

Glad the new hangers are all you hoped for!

Totally off topic, but..... fab wardrobe. And OMG four adjustable mirrors!!!! Yes, please!!!! I would never have to ask anyone if 'my butt looked big in this' again- because I would know for sure! Bwahahaha! Way to go MsMary!

Aw, thanks, fuzzylogic!

And now that I'm home and have my camera handy, here it is all finished, with purses and shoes added! I had to sacrifice the mirrors on the inside of the doors but the outside of the doors have mirrors that I can use to see my butt so it's all good! LOL

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Cool closets! I see Gryffin said there are clips you can put on for skirts etc. I followed the link and the clips can't be sent to Australia. Does anyone know if they are available in store in the USA as I will be there briefly next week... I too want a coordinated wardrobe!

Just chiming in to say... AWESOME closet Mary!

Bwahaha! Right on! Wardrobe looks fab!
Insert wolf whistle here.

Thanks for the update Mary! Fab closet. So jealous!

I don't use the velvet hangers but another vote here for hanging jumpers (sweaters) like Une Femme does - that is genius and has changed my wardrobe for the better.

I just bought a velvet scarf hanger that's shaped like a flower. My scarves don't slide off.

Beautiful job on those closets, Mary! I do loves me some organization...
I like the narrow velvet hangers a lot. I use the clip in shoulder pads when necessary. The only thing we still use wooden hangers for are my husbands HEAVY national park uniforms that have to be hung up wet & air dried.

Dark wooden hangers for the coat closet and my husband's closet. White wooden hangers for the guest bedroom. "Stuffed" fabric hangers for my blazers and suit jackets, and anything that might snag. Extra heavy white plastic hangers for anything that has to drip dry and everything else. I have adequate closet space, so the thin velvet hangers encourage having too many clothes. But I can see how they'd be very helpful to those with small closets or lots of clothes.

Late to the party, and I have serious closet envy Mary! Gorgeous. I have to delve into mine today and attempt to regain some order.
I will say I love my velvet hangers (I get the ones from Bed Bath & Beyond because the Target ones have one by one lost their metal hanger part). I use wooden ones for outerwear in our hall closet because of the weight of the coats. The only thing I don't like of the velvet hangers is their pant/skirt clips (sorry JenandEd). Hard to use, don't stay on and crazy expensive IMO.

Mary, your closet looks amazing!

I'm still a big fan of the velvet hangers. I just need to keep heavier jackets on sturdier wooden hangers instead. I learned that the hard way.

I hate hate hate "sticky" hangers of any kind! But clearly this sort of thing is a personal preference -- there is no right or wrong kind of hanger.

I use wooden hangers for everything except coats and jackets, which get hung on padded satin hangers. I like hangers that stuff can slip off of easily. I don't have problems with things falling on the floor. It's not like the closet is in a moving vehicle! Also, my closet isn't overstuffed. I'm not a minimalist, but I think I lean that way. It's very orderly.