What amazing timing, Mary! I just converted my tiny closet over to them yesterday! I was going to post about it, but wondered if it was silly. I guess not! I got them because I was tired of things slipping off of my old hangers - a mishmash of nice wooden hangers and plastic tube hangers. I thought the space saving thing that was advertised was probably some kind of come on, BUT the new hangers saved me a ton of space. I couldn't believe it.

I ended up getting mine from HSN. I got them over the July 4th weekend on a huge sale, plus my mom gave me a coupon (she shops there all the time - oy). I wanted to choose a color that I loved. Bright red. Makes me happy every time I open the closet. I, too, like the sturdier ones best, but the other ones seem better for hanging more fragile things, like tanks, camisoles, and silk blouses, especially for someone petite like you.

I love mine. Caveats: do not use them for wet things, and they often break at the neck. I bought mine at Tuesday Morning.

How interesting! Never heard of them - but I'll have to check out Costco next time I'm there. I have all Ikea plastic hangers and am fine with them.They are a wee bit thicker than regular. The idea of re-converting to a new hanger system makes me cringe so I think I'll stick with what works. Just seeing a different type of hanger in the mix makes me nervous. I like them to all look the same.

Love them - for all the above mentioned reasons! I'm never going back to wooden hangers (only for blazers and winter coats)

Love them ,especially since my big pet peeve is those loops on the insides of shoulders that hang out of people's outfits! However two problems with the ones I got from walmart:
1. They tend to break easily (hanger part snaps off)
2, The little hook on them can snag other hangers.
Otherwise they are fab.

Mary - I did this about a year ago. You can also pick up velvet hanger clips for pants and skirts. I got mine from amazon and maybe 2 were broken and I've had an attrition of 2-3. The Heavy duty are definitely the way to go. http://www.amazon.com/gp/produ.....#038;psc=1 and clips http://www.amazon.com/gp/produ.....#038;psc=1 You can fit more and I agree with the zen like quality. I would not put something really heavy on but otherwise they are great. Plus a keep a few nice plastic for drying purposes!!

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I wonder if you might look into petite sizing (15"). I know once I got my petite wooden hangers, all my tops actually fit the shoulder width of the hanger.
I thought about the flocked but avoided them for 2 reasons - the narrowness might make shoulder dents much like wire hangers do, and I don't need the ability to fit more in my closet. I need to stick with a smaller amount. 60 or so wooden hangers fit comfortably in my 4' closet. 20 fit in my half of the coat closet. Done.
That said, if you do want to make more room, there are thin wooden hangers, even in petite size. But they are spendy. $32 for 5! Closet luxury for sure. http://www.hangerproject.com/w.....anger.html

WOW WOW WOW!! The Fabbers come through again with All The Info!!

Thank you SO MUCH for all your input! I am going to buy a few and give them a try! I am trying to cut my hanging space in by about a third, and if I could do that, or come close, it would be a real help! Sounds like I will need to save some wooden hangers for heavy things and I will definitely do that. Plus I think an all-wood-hangers coat closet and guest closet will be very nice, right?

I will report back!! And keep those comments coming!!

Ooh, different colors for different capsules *ponders*

Yeah, you can't use them for wet stuff, especially in the darker colors, as you can get dye transfer. That and the fact that you can't rotate the hanging hook like you can with the clear plastic kind are the only downsides for me. But they do save a lot of space and necklines stay put. I don't use mine for skirts or pants, just for shirts and dresses. I've got different pant hangers and skirt hangers.

I think I used the endless stream of BB&B coupons to get mine, a 10-pack at a time - but I'm sure there are deals for the larger boxes too if you want to do it all at once.

I wonder if the fact that I'm on the larger side is why I like them, and that I never liked the clear plastic or plastic tubular ones so much? I've often had tops/dresses that are too big for the width of the hanger, but never anything that was too small and hard to get on. That's what you get with size 14 and 5'9" I guess - I can see that more petite ladies would want a sized-down hanger. I finally sourced some extra-large hangers from Target for my 6'6" DH which are really great - before, his shirts always ended up with wrinkles at the end of the shoulders because the hangers weren't wide enough.

Just adding on, what I've found them uniquely suited for is oversized or fluid fit tops with wide or deep cut necks --- I've got several of these tops because the neckline works on me, or I like open backs, and they wouldn't stay on any other hanger, unless I folded them or used clips, they would fall off and I'd open my closet to find them on the floor with a cat sleeping on them

I have found all the same pros & cons mentioned. I would love to find narrower ones because they do leave marks in the shoulders. I would also love it if they didn't break so often. They really do save space if you have a rod rather than individual spaces like Angie has for each hanger. I would stack them hooking one on the other with all tees together etc. I bought the skirt & trouser hangers because I like everything to match. I think I bought a pack at BB & B that included them & hooks & the rounded shoulder attachments which I used for jackets but maybe should use in softer knits.

For a small closet, the velvet style hangers are extremely efficient. I have the kind with the hook on the front so you can "monkey hang" things (i.e., hang one hanger on the hook of another) but I could probably do without that feature. I don't use it much and it can cause the hangers to tangle on the rod.

I use the velvet hangers for everything but sweaters, for which I use the padded satin kind that feel luxurious, hog an incredible amount of space, and frequently sent things sliding onto the floor.

I hang my sweaters like Une femme: http://unefemme.net/2013/09/bonjour-lundi.html
The velvet hangers keep them from falling off.

Thanks for the reminder, Joy! I forgot that I was going to do that with at least some of my sweaters. Hooray for Une Femme.

Wow, that's genius! Will definitely be giving that a try!!

I haven't read all the comments, but it sounds like these are very thin hangers, yes? I am probably the outlier here, but I actually preferred exchanging my thinner plastic hangers for thicker wooden ones. I was much more able to see what I had in my closet that way, because more of the garment was displayed when viewed from the side. I also feel like the clothes are less likely to get stretched out on a thicker hanger, creating hanger bumps at the shoulders.

You can buy hanger gripper thingies to stick on your wooden hangers if clothes are falling off. They are made of plastic and provide some friction.

I also found cascading hangers to be helpful in maximizing closet space. I use them for storing out-of-season clothes at the far end of my closet. They might be annoying for hanging clothes that are used every day, though.

I'll have to try the sweater hanger thingie. Very clever indeed!

Hi! I converted all of my hanging tops and jackets and dresses to the velvet hangers they sell by Real Simple from Bed Bath and Beyond. I got 100 for about $50 with coupons. Now, if I buy something new and I am out of hangers--it reminds me to let something go!! ha! Also converted to wooden hangers for all my guest and coat closet. Looks so good, also bought at BB&B but unsure of brand. Not too expensive and worth it. It really got my closet into shape. And yes, the velvet hangers took up less space. I still have too much, though.....however, I am NOT a minimalist....um no.

How interesting that several of you mentioned not using them for wet clothing, because I use mine to air dry almost everything (mine are white). Both my stuff and hubby's stuff. Haven't had any problems, though the garments are a bit trickier to get onto the hanger when wet.

I haven't read through all of the comments, but I use them in my small closet. I have a light colored one to make sure it doesn't "rub" off. Been using them well over a year and love them.

I still use the wood ones for heavy jackets like my leather blazer, and I use them almost exclusively in the front coat closet for our winter parkas etc. and yes, you can hang a lot more as it doesn't slip off as easily, and it does give more space.

I have these ones in black - from Costco as well. I had to buy 2 boxes (so far) because they are just so fabulous for my girls slippery dresses etc. I guess my need for order is showing when I admit that I cannot stand having a mix of different hanger types on my side of the closet. I banished all the white ones (which also matched) to my DHs side :). I love these ones because things look so nice, take less room and best of all - stay put.

I love the velvet hangers for the reasons already mentioned...especially that they grip wide necked tops. That's a major plus. I really wish that they came in petite or junior sizes. I found some for small kids..12" wide. Need just a couple of more inches. An alterationsneeded.com blog post from a couple of years ago addressed this very subject. She found a couple of narrower sizes but alas, they're wooden. I may still get some..I really don't like shoulder nipples.

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Thanks MsMary- I like the sound of these!

love them, can get more hangers in the closet. I was initialliy concerned that my smaller clothes wouldn't work on them, but no problems.
I didn't get the costco ones because when I saw them they where black and had concerns about the black coming off on clothing. Not sure if there are other colors now. anyway BBBeyond, Marshalls all have them

I converted my tiny closet to these years ago, so long ago, I do not remember the brand or where I bought them.

- Easily doubled my closet capacity.
- I suppose mine are "petite," as they fit the shoulders of my size 2-4P tops and leave no marks.
- Clothes do not slip off
- I personally find it easier/faster to hang up clothes -- no wrestling to precisely position the shoulders of a petite top on a hanger that is too thick and too wide for the garment

- I bought a whole bunch at once. Over the years, I've had two of them break. Very sad day when one breaks.
- Would not recommend traveling with them in a garment bag -- greatly ups chances of breaking.
- Would not over-pack your closet -- this also ups chances of breaking.
- The piece that goes over the rod is just a tiny bit too small for my closet rod, which is made of wood. The hangers don't slide easily. This can be a plus or a minus, depending on how you look at it.

I've never had any problem with the velvet rubbing or coming off on my garments.

I like velvet hangers and mine are from Target. I do not use them for a heavy item such as a winter coat, but my jeans, knits and blazers are fine on them. Plus nothing slips off anymore which is great because I don't have to keep those little strings on my clothes anymore (the one's that stick out when you wear a top but are necessary to keep a top on a hanger).

Mary, that's what I use. They won't hold a lot of weight, so leather jackets and the sort need something stronger, but I love!

Ms Mary, what did you end up doing? Curious minds want to know we are about to move and downsize closet space so I was looking into these. I air dry a lot so I am thinking the heavy duty ones in a light color might work for us. Let us know which hangers are gracing your new closets in your fab new home :-)!

I haven't tried them. I get all the hangers I need from work! Everything comes in to the store on hangers and we end up with so many we throw them away. There are a few reasons I don't think I'd like them: you have to fiddle with your clothing to make it hang correctly on the hanger. You might get shoulder bumps. You can't use them for wet items. And they don't have hooks that turn? The space saving feature is very appealing, though! I, too, fold my sweaters the une femme way, like Joy. That is a space saver, compared to folding them over the bar of a hanger, like a pants hanger. I used to fold my sweaters in a drawer but didn't wear many of them because I didn't see them! Now they are all visible.

Thanks for bumping this up, abc! I did indeed go with the thin velvet hangers and oh my gosh! Total game-changer! I can actually fit (almost) all my clothes in my closet now!! Big thumbs up from here! (The picture is from before the closet was completely tricked out, but you can see how many hangers fit in there, especially on the left!)

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My big closet is filled with bright, cherry red ones. I love them! There are only a few things I don't use them for. I particularly like that things don't slide down like they do on plastic hangers.