Okay, completely redundant quote of the day: "Angie was right". There should be a board icon we could hit that just says that so we wouldn't have to type it ever again.

She told me I should be looking at shift styles and I should try on the now fabled Vince dress and I just didn't. It didn't bowl me over and it was more than I wanted to pay without being true love. Except, now I think I might have really liked it. Because I tried on the first shift style dress I've ever had on and liked it way better than anything in my two year long dress search focused on fit and flares and sheaths. That is the first Find below, the WHBM black one. Okay, future search will focus on shifts.

I didn't buy the WHBM...yet...because I was thinking of color. Specifically, this is for a Fall wedding. So, any of the others worth trying for me? I like one specifically, but I'll hold off saying which one. And I'm still open to the WHBM, but I can't wear heels and I'm concerned it is a heel kind of dress. I need a dress that will not look too bad with flats.

Super open to other ideas too! V neck is fantastic, but you'll notice only one of my finds has it.