I know a few of you on the forum have the Taos Crave boots, but does anybody have experience with Taos sneakers? I am in search of a fashion sneaker that can accommodate a wide forefoot/narrow heel combo. Eccos would be my first choice but they just don't seem to fit quite right anymore. I think I"ve heard Taos are pretty good, so was perusing their website the other day and found these cantaloupe-coloured cuties -- upon which I am currently crushing.

Any experience out there with fit, arch support, etc would be much appreciated. I really hate ordering shoes online but I can't find these locally...

UPATE: I can't get the cantaloupe pink sneakers locally, so I started by ordering a different pair of Taos sneakers from a local retailer to test the size and fit in a way that would allow for a local in-person return option. They arrived today, and sadly, have to go back.

The good news -- the arch support seems good, and the shoes are clearly well made. The width was perhaps not what the podiatrist wants for me, but it's not bad.

The bad news -- my toes were hitting the end in my regular size, and the toe box is pretty shallow.

Since I have to go to the store now to return these, I'll try on a size up to see if it offers any hope.