I realized my wardrobe is low on tops with prints. Those have always been my go-tos, especially when it comes to layering season, so I decided to look at some options from Anthropologie. Here's where I ended up (no pics yet - just made the decisions!)

Gola Wayfaring tee (Zebra print, and stripe with flowers). The Zebra print was much higher contrast than I expected. The stripe with flowers was a perfect blend of contrast and color. Both were low-cut v-necks, and much wider and longer than in the picture. the front is hip length and the back goes longer. PASS - too big and Iong for me.

Delilah Pullover. Cute idea, but Dolman sleeved and much wider in cut than in picture. Also more muted pink color, almost mauve? PASS.

Grayson Hero button down. Straight cut, and narrower than I expected. Made out of lycocell so it has more drape. Will need to add a hook-and-eye for between front buttons. Liked both colorways, but the pink/blue check was bolder and a perfect fit for my wardrobe. KEEP.

Padua Tee. I like the cut and feel on this T-shirt. It's modal cotton, cut in a way that it skims curves, with the neck a little wider than a typical crew. I also loved the the print with actual animal shapes vs just texture (altho, brown flamingos??). KEEP.

Sol Angeles Turtle Tee. Fun print, simple t shirt, great basic that will work will with layers later. KEEP.

Celina Sweater Tee. Wildcard - mockneck shortsleeve sweater in a berry plaid print? Who am I? But somehow it totally works, so I'm keeping and will do some wardrobe playing to make sure it gets worn. KEEP.

Aldomartins Serra Floral top. LOVE LOVE LOVE. The color scheme fits right into my wardrobe, the V-neck is not too low, the cut is body skimming but not too big. KEEP KEEP KEEP!

Still waiting on a couple other items from my order, but very happy with this haul!