The pilcro hyphen chinos from Anthropologie arrived yesterday - in the "moss" color. They have been a popular topic on the forum this spring so I thought I'd compare them to the BR ones I bought a few months ago.

The BR ones are more of a classic style, no stretch, and come in olive, navy, pink blush, and a khaki. The Pilcro ones are tapered, have just a tiny bit of stretch (1% lycra), and come in Moss, a mid blue, and several other colors. The moss just arrived. It's sort of a pale olive but also sort of a's a hard color to describe. Not as obviously green as the BR olive, feels more grey/brown to me, but in some light has a little hint of green.

I got the BR in olive and navy a few months ago, and had to size up to get a good fit in the thigh area but the waist was too big and they were way too long. On the olive ones I took in the waist and shortened them. I also decided to try slimming the legs which did make them look a little better to my eye. (Have not done any alterations yet on the navy)

The pilcros fit much better overall, may need to take in the waist a little but maybe not. I almost always have to make this alteration on pants. The tapered leg is much more flattering (on me anyway), and I think it looks more modern as opposed to the more classic straight eg. Because of that taper the Pilcros will also look more streamlined when cuffed, and when unrolled they are at the perfect length for me to wear "unrolled" with flat shoes or even a small heel. I'm 5" 1"

The BRs are normally about $10 less than the Pilcros, and the BRs are on sale right now.

#1 + 2 the BR chinos in olive and navy

#3 + 4 Pilcros in moss and blue

#5 BR olive on me (altered and cuffed)

#6 pilcros in yellow that I tried on recently (rolled just a tiny bit)

I think the Pilcros are going to trump the BRs in my closet. Not sure what I'll do with the BRs, certainly not going to get rid of them just yet.