You’re right, Angie — I tend to find dresses when I’m not actively looking, and now that almost everything is online shopping, I’m less inclined to try anything that looks remotely interesting — I am always a little freaked out by the credit card balance when I order up a storm, even though most of it gets returned (see my recent swimsuit shopping effort!).

I poked around the Karen Millen site and saw some nice dresses there — I tend to forget them but they do pretty prints. They skew a bit dressier than I need for the most part, but some are appropriate.

I like the sound of this dress with cowboy boots and a faded denim jacket.

Yes! I get that, Janet. It helps to do those HUGE online orders in stages to temper the freaking out.

Good luck at Karen Millen!

I found this dress too. Could be great with your cognac sandals. Click the link to get a better look-see.

Pinstripe Print Dress
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Janet, do you get tan in the summer months? That might help with as you deliberate on the color.

Elpgal, I get a little color but I do not get a deep tan — I am diligent with sunscreen and don’t have the kind of skin that loves the sun, so I’m careful. I have a tiny bit of natural color from a little bit of sun in Mexico two weeks ago but that’s minimal. I don’t ever depend on getting “tan” in summer but I do think that warmer colors look better on me then than in the winter when I am definitely my palest. When my hair was all dark, it did turn a bit more auburn in summer with lots of sun exposure. But that is no longer the case!

It's very pretty and a great silhouette on you. Perfect v-neck and flattering sleeves, both ways. My pick for shoes would be the Paloma and Free People ones that you've shown, as they take it a little out of the boho realm, adding elegance (Paloma) or edge (Free People). The platforms, gladiators, and wedges all work, too, but I find them more expected, and playing up the beachy, casual vibe--which can be cool when you want that vacation feel!

Another yes/keep vote! It looks better on you than on the model IMHO.

The dress has a boho look which is great for summer. I can see you in that style. I don't think the colours work as well for you as the cooler tones.

Thanks, everyone. I appreciate ALL of the feedback, of all kinds!

I showed it to my husband and he promptly said he liked it and added “please keep it!” He likes the fit, and that it’s a little different and a little more romantic than my other dresses. I do value his opinion and it always makes me feel extra good to wear something I know he likes. So I think it is a keeper!

I’m glad! I hope you and the dress have a lovely summer

What Nadya said

And I echo Brooklyn too. You absolutely look better in the dress than the model!

I'm glad you are keeping it. I know if my DH particularly likes something, that adds to my enjoyment of it.

I like all your photos, but #4 is my favorite. What a pretty dress!