Nine months ago seattlejaime posted about walking shoes for Paris.

So this post is to update and get feedback from those who went to Paris this last year.

I love to walk, I've walked all over Paris and other European cities, climbed hills and mountains and I've worn out my feet. So first item on my travel shopping list is shoes that can go the distance.

My first trip to Paris was in the early fall of 1986 and I've only been back passing through the airport. A lot has changed since then. For one thing, I don't have much padding in my feet any more.

Our first day in Paris in '86 we ended up on a bench in the Champs-Elysees people watching. I was most impressed with the ease and elegance of the people, their good posture, and the shoes the women wore! I wonder how much that has changed.

My issues:
Plantar fasciitis, not bad now but the tendency remains
High insteps, goofy arches
Flattened metatarsals
Bunions--don't hurt but hard to find shoes that fit
narrow feet except through the ball of the foot
Tops of feet are very tender and now sneakers or lace ups bother me

Size 10 1/2, hard to find, and often not even manufactured, so I get an 11.
Little padding on bottom of feet.

With most shoes I have to add padding and in some shoes replace the insole with Superfeet.

Sorry to go on so long, but those of you with problem feet in problem sizes, have you found a shoe that you could walk in for miles and not be embarrassed in Paris?

Yes, I am a regular reader of Barking Dog Shoes.