Rather than hijacking Carla’s thread, I’m posting my latest thoughts on it here, to ask what you’ve done for leg coverings with skirts and dresses. This has been my little progression:

Patent leather Mary Janes (white in summer, black in winter) with ankle socks until 6th or 7th grade when my mom informed me I WOULD shave my legs. Not sure how she enforced it, but I did it, yuck.

Pantyhose through high school and the start of college. Generally purchased at the grocery store, where “Queen” meant tall and /or wide, all the same size. I hated them and hated that the weird, matted look of hair under them meant I had to shave my legs.

Discovered garter belts and stockings as Victoria’s Secret took off. They were thin, so looked like hosiery, but never got twisted if I put them on straight (as easy as socks), and never slid down to give me webbed legs. I generally wore black or other opaque colors with matched sets. Discovered in my 20s that guys I was dating didn’t exactly mind if I wore these. Rarely shaved my legs during this time. I also went bare-legged with sandals or with ankle boots.

During my PhD research in Berlin, a coworker of mine introduced me to the wonders of heavy tights in winter. They were spendy, but were shaped like me, so as long as they weren’t worn out & saggy, they did not slide down. For the first time, I could wear short skirts with my boots in the winter, yay. And they’re warmer with long skirts than garter belt + stockings. Still not into shaving.

I don’t remember what I did as mom of a small kid. Then we moved to Florida where I didn’t want anything extra on my legs, tyvm.

These days I like the heavy tights—fleece-lined have come into being, and into my life. I haven't worn my new underwear item with clasps for stockings, but I will! But in the springtime, I was wearing tights so thin I wondered if they count as, gasp, panty hose! I’m not sure where the cut-off line is, but these were Wolfords, so I may have already crossed over. I shave my legs every couple weeks, or every few months, or when they’re itchy.

How about you? Do you love pantyhose or hate ‘em? What’s your favorite solution with skirts or dresses, and has it changed over the years?

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