I have plenty of excuses for not tracking my wears - "too many items" sums up most of them. But I do have a rolling rail under my guest bed, so this year I assembled it. I moved an item there after one or two wears just to see how it worked out. Just "regular" clothes, not gear (which I also have too much of).

Pic1 is the rail after three months (see all the stripey things?) Ten sweaters are tucked away in the guest dresser.
Pic 2 is what's left in my closet (some dresses and blazers on the right side unseen. So many sweaters left!

What I learned:

  • I had several pairs of pants in the winter closet that really weren't for cold weather - too cropped or too light in fabric.
  • I have a dozen long sleeve tees in a rainbow of colors. These were often worn under blazers at work.
  • I have a billion Cuddl Duds in every sleeve length and neckline. Again, for work, where my office could be frosty.
  • I have two pairs of pants that need a long sleeve navy sweater (finds below). Nothing I own seems to be quite right with them. (I have perfect short sleeve tops for warmer weather.)
  • I'd much rather wear dresses over jeans than leggings! Who knew! Again, I have leggings in every color of the dark rainbow.
What I did:
  • Picked three of the Cuddl Duds to keep (I just love that name).
  • Kept two of the long sleeve tees (orange and navy).
  • Bought a men's navy sweater from Banana Republic. Y'all, it is NICE.
  • Weeded 38 items in all: boots, coats, clothing, etc. Giving the side eye to those 3/4 sleeve cashmere sweaters and leggings.
In summary, I didn't do as thorough a job clearing out my work wardrobe as I thought. It was really hard to give up some of those Boden jackets this year.

I also bought some new things, but this post is long enough already. Thanks for reading! Does anyone need leggings?

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