First off, an update on the search for light-wash denim, after my failure with the Madewell pair: I ordered the Eloquii pair Angie recommended in that thread (find 1), and they are a keep. The denim is a lightweight 100% cotton, no stretch, and they loosen up as you wear them, so they definitely give that boyfriend slouchy vibe. I’d also ordered a pair from Athleta – the Sculptek straight leg (find 2). Totally different fabrication with lots of spandex and stretch, but similar higher-waist rise. I waffled about keeping them too and ultimately did; they were on sale and a great deal since Athleta never seems to have my size left when things go on sale. I got the tall and probably should have gone for the regular, as it’s a bit of an awkward “is it ankle-length or is it just too short” length unrolled, but I’ll wear them rolled most of the time. OK, Laura, no more light-wash denim for a while, you’re good.

I have to admit that I’ve been shopping (online) as stress relief a little bit, driven by the big discounts a lot of retailers are offering. I haven’t bought anything super-crazy; it’s all stuff I know will work for me, but I definitely need to pace myself. Right now I’ve got orders in at Talbots, Chico’s, LL Bean, and Target.

I’ve been thinking about what I like to wear at home, since home is where I’m going to be most of the time for a good long while. I have an irrational hatred of the word “athleisure”, but something along those lines is what I’ve been reaching for. Things where you can move, and if you feel like taking a walk or doing a quick cardio workout you can. This has impacted me mostly with bottoms – I am wearing my gear fabric pants/capris all day now. I’ll always love jeans and still wear them sometimes, but anything dressier than that I really don’t need in my wardrobe, or at least in multiples. Yet I still have all these chinos and dress pants – what do I do with them?

Also key in the last couple months have been everyday sneakers. The slip-ons and retro skater shoes I had were just not cutting it in terms of comfort for all day. I ordered a pair of the Brooks Revel ( as new running shoes but they’re a bit narrow, so I think they might turn into everyday sneakers instead. The New Balances in black and grey (finds 3-4) and the Adidas Cloudfoam Pure ( have been my go-tos for days at home. Days when I’m working (retail) I want something with more support and a thicker sole. I need to replace my Sketchers Work sneakers but that line seems to have gone full-on sturdiness – lots of alloy or comp toe choices which I don’t need in my job.

The whole thing has affirmed Angie’s advice about buying for the life you actually live, not some fantasy life.

Summer weather will be coming on soon (has been here already, when it’s not pouring rain thanks to all the tropical storms and thunderstorms). I think I’m in pretty good shape except for sandals; all of mine are several years old now except one pair of flip flops. I keep on looking for new options and I just don’t love the aesthetics of what’s out there right now. Maybe I’ll just keep wearing sneakers most of the time anyway?