So.... with all the recent chatter about Essentials and Statements, combined with the recent blog posts from Angie on layering, I realized a wardrobe hole. My favourite FFBO for casual evenings and weekends at this time of year is without a doubt, jeans and a mid weight, textured sweater. I have three that I reach for, and have also been using two of these three to wear when layering over a button up shirt. Which I'd like to do more often. However, I do not own one in navy, or black. My neutrals. These should be essentials for me, right?

Search... begin!

1-6 First up: Black BR sweater with funky zips at the neck. Somebody recently posted ot this in the toffee colour. I've styled it here with shirts underneath, as well as just a tank, which I've shown with the neck both zipped up and down. Excuse the flouncies on #4, but I'm going to post this just to show the sleeves, which I like showing like this, plus it keeps the sleeves scrunched up better!

7-10. Navy v-neck from BR. I really like the feel of this, and the look of it from the front. However I really DON'T like the look from the side when it's un-zipped (#8). Plus the zipperes, the way they sit, seem to give me love handles. I'm working on those perfectly well by myself thanyouverymuch, not sure I need any help from BR. I also wonder if it's too similar to the Joie Armelio tunic (#11) - perhaps not layered, but alone. See, I'm being practical

12-15. Lastly... navy BF sweater from the Gap. Shown layered over a tank, and a couple of button up tops. It's long enough that I doubt I can get the shirt tail layering look with this one, but that's okay. I struggle with this anyway, because of my shape, and having long sweater is a just as good in my world.

OK.... over to your expert eyes... what do you think? I'm leaning towards keepig the black and the Gap navy, but am willing to dissuaded if you think I can do better, or see things I don't (which often happens!)

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