I really like the idea of regular recaps some Fabbers have been doing, so joining in. Thank you all for the inspiration!

It took me almost two months to complete a big closet edit, in a number of separate instances, one category at a time. The key was to try on really everything. I edited out about 20% of my wardrobe, which was a big number of items, since my wardrobe is large. My storage situation is much better than before, but still a little uncomfortable. It would probably take another 20% of the current number to get to a comfortable place. Next edit is end of May when I switch from spring to summer theme, however that one is not going to be nearly as big, so it will probably take a couple of edits to reach the goal. Edited items have been separated into donate pile (already out of my place), recycle pile and several consignment piles for three different local places that work the best for me. It is probably going to take some time to get all of those items out. There are also various groups of items needing different types of attention (special cleaning, tailoring, de-pilling, etc.), so whatever is not successful, will end up out during the next edit.

My winter Dark Romance theme has worked very well for me, and overall I am pleased how that went. I will keep at it until a business trip mid March, after which I will switch to my spring theme. I have looked a little at Fall 2023 runways, and noticed that Romantic Goth looks are still trending, so chances are high I will repeat the theme next winter, too, with some small updates. https://www.essence.com/fashio.....nter-2023/. I am well covered with clothing and shoes for this theme, but could have used some additional accessories, mainly some very specific scarves and belts, so notes were made for the next winter.

I have come up with my spring (navy/white -based) and summer (white/black - based) themes and will be posting on those more soon. Based on weather patterns and the fact that I like my summer theme a bit more than the spring one, I will do the spring one for ~10 weeks, until the end of May; and the summer theme for at least 14 weeks, until early September, possibly two weeks longer, up to mid September.

In terms of shopping, I have bought ten new items in January and one in February. I have edited out many more than 33 pieces so I am good on my 1-in-3-out principle. I am a sale shopper/item stalker, and January and July are my biggest shopping months as the items from relevant seasons start going on really deep discounts. Those are also the months when I come up with my themes for the future seasons, so some great deals can be found in advance as trends move slower these days. The January items were three for winter, one for spring and six for summer; and the February item was a winter one. I will post the Spring/Summer items later when I post the related themes. The winter items I bought are:

1) & 2) J. Crew lavender velvet blazer and orchid coat - I became slightly obsessed with this J. Crew look that came out in November. All the items are very me, but there was no real need for them, so I decided to get them only if my sizes survive until really deep sales. Got the pants around Christmas, and nabbed the jacket and coat in early January. All of my palettes for the next 4 seasons include purple, so these items will be very versatile. The coat will work great for early spring too.

3) Black Rag & Bone waistcoat: I have been wanting a nice classic vest the whole season, and was thinking of wool material. Then I found this one in cotton blend, and realized it would be more versatile as it could work for summer, too.

4) Gap faux leather black pants: Black (faux) leather pants are essential for the Dark Romance theme. I have a cropped kick flare pair, however, they are on the shorter side so only work with one pair of my booties, that have super high shaft. I kept wanting a 2nd longer pair, in a different cut, but wasn't sure if I really needed two pairs of black faux leather pants. Once I decided I am repeating the theme next winter, and Gap had these for 70% off during President's day sale, the decision was easy.

I am now planning for Spring, and trying to be very careful as I have given myself relatively small budget. I am trying to decide what needs to be bought earlier in the season and thus at a higher price, and what can wait. I am going to see if I can push the work dress code a little and wear white jeans to work this spring ( officially no jeans allowed), so I need the new wide white jeans relatively early. Most big retailers here have Friends & Family discounts in March, so waiting for those to get the white jeans and any other big ticket spring items.

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