The Sorels look cute and comfy - do the laces tie or are they a slip on style?
I never cared for the lug soled Cons - they looked great on others, just not for me. The red plaid stompy boots are right up my style alley, though - I love those.

Thanks Suz. It is interesting to see what has worked, what has worked with a few caveats, and the "others". And yes it is hard to pick that is for sure!!

My footwear needs are similar but different. I have a mix of working from home, working from our facility, and leisure. I don't do as much city walking as you do - and when I do I wear my Asics running shoes 80% of the time.

I am looking for camel shoes for my work capsule as priority one (loafers, low chunky heels or oxfords.....) Something that will work most of the year with pants or jeans and a blazer for work.

I would love something along the lines of your Paul Greens.....maybe!!

Karie, the Sorels tie up. The laces are a bit stretchy. I tuck them into the sides after tying. You'd love the Paul Greens!! I think you'd like them, too, Sal, but maybe in camel!

Yes, I do a ton of city walking and also a ton of trail walking, but trail to city and city to trail -- so I need something that works in both locations. I have real trail shoes for runs and for actual ambitious hikes (where there are rocks, a steep climb, etc.) But that is pure gear.