I got the blue and I really like it ... Sort of a rich, moody blue. I think it will look great on you Lisa!

Blue is a great colour, but the M didn't work. Really quite a difference between the M and L. Much prefer the looser fit. Ugh - ptsd from seeing myself in the mirror in the M now.

I bought it in black, brown and grey and was surprised by how much I loved it! Usually thin sweaters are clingy, but you are right - this one is fluid. And it's soft but not in a pilling way. May go back for the olive. I've worn the brown one 3 times in a week and the black one too!

The same question Janet raised above - the colour burgundy red looks purple on my screen. Any intel? I'd love burgundy, but don't want purple.

I bought the orange color and just tried it on to go out for dinner tonight. I took it off as with black pants I just felt too much like halloween even though its not quite that color. I am going to return tomorrow for another color. So much for me professing that I'm going to wear more color
I sized up to a medium .

LOL, Lisa -- I felt that way seeing my regular size on ...ugh!! Sizing up is the ticket.

BR is surprisingly good this year - this is my third sweater and I ordered some cardigans. It’s been more than two years since I bought anything there.

Haha, I'm enjoying this vicariously, Lisa!

My regular size worked better for me as one size up overwhelmed my frame.
I have the navy which is a very nice shade and also got the sweater in black, brown and fuscia which is really a lovely red. When I received it I thought they sent the red by mistake but then I saw that their red was orangey.
These sweaters are thin and work great for layering but are also good on their own when the weather is not too cold or when worn indoors.

Its been warm here and now starting to be cold enough for sweaters, so I ordered the Lime green and pink ones. I love them and just ordered the white. I'm thinking about getting the olive, they are that good.

OK, OK, OK, I'll try it!! Yeesh.

I was concerned that the shape of the ribbing wouldn't be good on the bust, but maybe I was wrong.  I did feel it in the store the other day and the fabric seemed great.  Bummer to miss the 50% off, but I might just investigate... I love the idea of a thin layering sweater.

But why are they insisting on renaming the entire colour wheel, lol

It seems every store has a different colour assortment - and we all see the colours in different ways. In cooler northern winter light, the white , lime , orange and even the fuschia look very Palm Beach. BR won't know what hit them after we all finish up ordering

May I ask if the fabric is itchy? I am sensitive to wools. Any advice would be appreciated.

Sterling, I've gotten very sensitive to itch and I find this one soft and decidedly non-itchy even through a whole day. I'd say it's worth a try for sure!

Thank you, Torontogirl. I'll swing by BR tomorrow too. I would love to try the pink one.

Thanks for reminding me of this sweater, Lisa. It really does sound magical! And a good colour selection too. Going to check out the BR Europe site right now to see if they are doing all the colours as well or only the neutrals (that's often the case, and it drives me crazy because I usually fall in love with the more interesting or brighter colours, and then they are not available in my neck of the woods).

BR in Canada doesn’t get all of the same stuff that the US does either , Inge You might like the blue - it’s a unique almost heathery shade .

Ah, I hadn't realizes that, Lisa. I checked the European site, and that blue really is beautiful. But guess what, the blue is only available in petites They had most of the other colours too, but the jumper has clearly been popular here too, because most colours are sold out in my size. So, as Angie would say: Next!-)

I can't stand wearing "bra band/strap-meets-flesh puffiness" either so am really impressed on your finds, and so happy for you, great idea to size up!:-))