After looking at and reading so much about the BR magic washable merino wool sweater here , I took a good look at them in store the other day , and then bought 2 With a huge dose of skepticism, I might add. I hate body -con sweaters, hate them, and DO NOT want any suggestion of bra band/strap-meets-flesh puffiness . Can't stand seeing that - probably my biggest poison eye agitator. Anyhow, I bought Larges, because BR sizing intimidates me at the best of times, and because I wanted some easy and fluidity. Wearing the black one right now, and holy cow is this a comfortable, flattering, soft and nicely fitted sweater. Never thought I would say those words, and never thought I'd see myself in something so slim again in my lifetime. I don't buy "basics", like plain sweaters and long sleeved t's because I never know what to do with them, but this little number has me smitten. Perfect weight and shape to wear with trousers or jeans and a coat . The neck is also not too high at all, which was my other worry as I'm not exactly skinny and flat-chested. Not too plain as to be boring, either. I'm going back for a few more tomorrow