I was inspired by Firecracker's beautiful blush complement to share mine, as well. I have plenty of blush clothes, too, but do not consider them a part of this complement. I wear cooler tones of blush, and consider rose gold a version of blush, too. I wear various blush accessories with black & white, all shades of blue, tomato, olive, and (my favorite) burgundy.
As you can see, there are quite few pairs of shoes and scarves here across all seasons. I am only so-so happy with my blush bag and belt: the bag is a bit on the warm blush side and has gold hardware, and I would prefer cooler blush and silver hardware; while the belt is more of a icy pink and I'd like true blush. On my wish list are: a watch with blush leather strap, a rose-gold cross body bag and a blush beret, but none of those are of especially high priority.