Time for my end-of-year review and a quick look forward! My 2020 resolutions were to focus on underrepresented wardrobe categories: basics and casual wear. I was also going to invest in strategic higher quality pieces in the outerwear and bag department. Little did I know at that time that 2020 would be an excellent year to stay dedicated...

Investment pieces:
I got a really nice winter coat in January after much mulling over it with you guys. Still super glad I bit the bullet as it’s the only outerwear I own keeping me truly warm on icy winter walks.
Later this year I bought an amazing cognac backpack to class up my out-and-about presentation.
I kept up my low-key search for a great crossbody bag for work, but did not come across anything fitting the bill completely. The shops being closed for several months with restricted Covid-proof shopping in between obviously did not help. My disappointment in this regard may have partly spurred on one of my two complete mishaps this year, a cheaper but fab crossbody that sadly turned out to be too small.

Basics (not pictured):
Sometime during our first lockdown and right after when the stores reopened I was quite uninspired to shop so it was easy to focus on the basics I so very much needed to replenish. I found some bras and undies, comfortable socks and workout wear… I may need another bra top up again soon so perhaps I’ll finally be convinced to join in Angie’s start of the year refreshes.

Casual wear:
I was so relieved in March to have focused on casual wear early because it meant I had a small capsule ready when it was suddenly strictly working from home. And I had a real alternative to sweatpants (power to you if you can feel strong and capable working from home in sweatpants but I can’t). I added a couple more items in the summer and fall so I feel like this year I successfully built a functional casual wardrobe.

My focal points for 2020 were not to the exclusion of all other types of clothes, just meant to direct my budget. I did get some accessories, a pair of metallic brogues, a nice midi skirt, a dress, a blazer, a blouse and a pair of work trousers too. Shopping online and thinking over potential purchases remained an important distraction to me this year (when I know some of you were not at all inspired while self-isolating). Most of these ‘other’ pieces have already been worn despite hardly ever going into the office.

At the end of the year I ventured into second-hand shopping, with some hits, some misses and some to-be-decided. I don’t think it really is for me what with the difficulty in assessing fit and the impossibility to return. It doesn’t work very well with my intention to buy more things I absolutely love either. Still, an option I may revisit from time to time.

I’m generally happy with my year in fashion, mainly because of the casual wear upgrade.

For 2021 I’m trying not to plan too much because it’s all so uncertain when things will return to normal. But I’m now definitely in wardrobe maintenance mode and foresee the following next steps in my style evolution:
Better upkeep of basics
Keep adding more color in the form of color capsules (with a new one centered on lilac-aubergine)
Evolve from list-based wants to serendipitous purchases (not for true wardrobe needs but for statement items).

Last but not least I stand by my general style resolutions to really wear what I have, to mindfully add pieces that expand the possibilities of my wardrobe, and to keep prioritizing quality and sustainability.

Happy holidays!