October is wardrobe audit time in our household - and it was my turn this week. I didn’t think there would be much to cull, because I love all my clothes, right?! Well, a hard look at those well loved clothes revealed it was time for some - 20 items for the year, to be exact.

Two items are being passed on due to comfort issues. The golden Madewell corduroys (October 2019) developed a ‘knot’ in the waistband facing, and a pair of white loafers (2018) have arch supports that hit in an uncomfortable spot.) Half the items are being passed on for being too large. Weight loss (I’m around 130 lbs) has resulted in garments from 2-3 years or so ago (when I was closer to 150 lbs) now fitting ill. 8 items were discarded due to wear - holes (!), pilling, stains, fading. My red and white capsules took a hit, and I’m feeling the loss of signature brights. My closet seems dominated by (dark) blue, olive, and black with camel and lilac providing some lightness.

The next two months I’ll be musing over what direction I want my style to take going into 2021, including palette: ‘Mourning Colours’ - black, lilac, grey, and silver (awfully sober, though) or autumnal colours - brown, rust, dark green. How to include some vintage elements into modern outfits. How to work in more pattern. How to add more texture. All while keeping my closet sustainable, individual, manageable, practical, authentic, and therapeutic - or SIMPAT!