I accompanied my friend on her shopping expedition today and lo and behold, we end up in the Anne Fontaine store. I had *no* intention of buying anything there and I knew going into that store that their prices were a bit ambitious for me. Nevertheless, I ended up trying on two *gorgeous* blouses, really well cut. The first was the Alodie, plaid in vibrant, saturated cool colours (blue, pink, purple), double French white cuffs with a double collar. The other was the Amandine, white, zip-back, billowy sleeves with tight wrist cuffs and a very wide/open, origami -design collar. The fit at the waist was tight. (they can be viewed in the catalogue: http://www.annefontaine.com/me.....e_ss12.pdf)

I asked the SA whether there were sales and she told there were two annual ones--the first week of January and the first week of June--where shirts get reduced by about %30. She took my name and the models that I hoped to purchased and said she'd give me a call a week ahead of time for a pre-sale opportunity to purchase the shirts (hopefully, 38 will still be available, but maybe my will will be stronger...).

I was *amazed* at the fit of these garments. Extremely tailored and very flattering, especially compared to the H&M shirts hanging in my cupboard.

My heart thanks Angie for this discovery...my wallet, not so much.