Thanks to Angie's posts about her lovely times at Anne Fontaine, I have been dreaming of getting an Anne Fontaine blouse of my own. A crisp white shirt is always on those "wardrobe necessities" lists but I never had one that fit me right so I rarely ever wore button down shirts. Last week my husband and I both had the afternoon off and we went into the city together. I asked him if we could stop by the Anne Fontaine store to have a look. I tried on all kinds of blouses...white, gray, black. I was so sick of buttoning and unbuttoning that I started pulling half buttoned shirts over my head, LOL! The SA was very nice and attentive and looked at each shirt I put on and gave me feedback (and accurate too...she would tell me when I didn't look right in a particular style). My husband also was very patient and great about giving his opinion too. In the end I narrowed it down to three blouses and I was having a hard time deciding between a white one with long sleeves and a double collar, an off-white short sleeve slightly retro looking blouse, and a plain black long sleeve one. Well, my husband was so sweet! He surprised me by saying that I should get all three blouses and that it would be my Christmas present (even though he knew how much they were)! He told me they would be good investment pieces for my professional wardrobe. I am so excited! I am going to wear these blouses all the time!

1-4. Christie long sleeve white blouse, size 38. 93% cotton and 7% elastane. The sleeves and back are stretchy. The SA showed me how to fold up the sleeves and tuck the cuff over them to make them into shorter sleeves.
5-9. Naeva ivory short sleeve blouse, size 40. 50% cotton and 50% silk. Had to size up because of my waist (it is not stretchy like the other two). This one is my favorite because it fits with my slightly retro/whimsical style. It pairs nicely tucked into my midi skirts.
10-15. Nuage black long sleeve shirt, size 38. Also 93% cotton, 7% elastane. Tucked into tweed and lace skirt.

I know people are saying the blouses look too tight on me, especially since I'm an apple. (I wore the black one in my previous thread about the DVF dress). They are really form fitting but I think they're supposed to be like that. I have a cami on underneath. Maybe Angie can comment on the fit and how the blouses are supposed to look? I tried the size 40 in the long sleeve blouses but they looked too big and wrinkly and loose all over and the SA agreed the 38 was a much better fit.

ETA: I'm not even sure what the size 38 & 40 mean...are these European sizes? Are they equivalent to a certain dress size?

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