A great take on the formula, and looks perfectly in tune with your style. I like the dark hosiery, and I would also like it without when it's warmer. Navy tall socks might work, too, if you had a non-black top and didn't want something so heavy below.

The nude knee highs work well with temps in the 40s and 50s, IF the weather has been consistently thus so the ground and air don't feel "icy" (if that makes sense). Some areas only get that weather in fall/spring -- but the PNW gets plenty of that weather in winter, so it makes sense to wear here! I'm wearing some today.

(Hah I have the complete opposite of your hair Vivian, chronically messy )

You look fab viva. I think when I try this look in winter I might try for a no gap look with socks or tights, because I don't think nude knee highs will work for me either. And love the "chronically neat" hair

I like this Viva! Fun.

I have the opposite hair - chronically messy! And I am chronically lazy with it hence my style goal of being a tad more polished.

I live in the Southwest and it was 57F and I wore the crops with no socks and it was cold but not unbearable as I was indoors at a movie theater. I can't imagine wearing this style in really cold weather. Your outfit looks great!

I really like the outfit - you look fab & modern imo
Thanks for the info on the Kevin Murphy product. I've just ordered some online (I was ordering shampoo anyway). I too have terminally neat hair, which I love on others but not on me.

I love those cropped jeans and the boots, especially. You've made me curious to try this formula. I had never considered nude knee highs or fish nets. But I might give them a go. I'm not sure the black is for me.