I have been fixated on the embroidered jeans Angie so graciously shared and posted about last week. I had initially planned to replace a very old pair of white cropped denim this spring, but after not being able to shake the thoughts of those cute embroidered jeans I decided to switch gears and give them a try. I was already planning on having to return them before I even got them because I have such difficulty finding denim that fits me due to my curves. They arrived right before my birthday a few days ago and surprise they fit perfect! I absolutely love them and have many tops and shoes that go with the colors in the embroidery. I have to give credit to you Angie for getting me to think "outside my box" and consider trying different silhouettes! Particularly with denim. I am in love and have already worn them 3 times! My DD said "mom you already wore those" and I replied "exactly, I am enjoying them".