Warning: I am about to get wicked introspective up in this post!

You all helped me get a grip on some recent issues with leather jackets, and in the end we agreed that a few different forces were throwing me off:

  • poorly conceived ideas about versatility of statement leathers
  • change in lifestyle and job
  • style shift
My steampunk and Danier jackets literally kept me up at night... I just felt ridiculous in them! Too much going on, too heavy, etc. And then Angie's virtual voice popped into my head saying, "when you don't know what to wear with something, reach for a classic."

So where I might have wanted to wear ripped/boyfriend/wide leg jeans with this jacket in the past, I tried to think of it as a Belstaff or Burberry piece this morning. I tried to work it out with skinnies, short and plain booties, white, plaid, Breton stripes... and you know what? I feel pretty much fine with all these outfits. Huh. I still think the jacket's probably too heavy for work, but at least I don't feel like a Mad Max extra.

...which leads me to the next point, which is that I no longer want to feel like a Mad Max extra! I have always argued that there are as many iterations of UWP as there are types of warfare. But these days I feel a need to get more specific about it and gain more focus. I still fly the UWP flag but, as I feel happier and more at peace at work, and as my job requires plenty of friendliness, I want to feel more approachable in the past.

So what do you think of me coming up with a new style moniker? Expat Secret Agent? Urban Noir Princess? Euro Noir Princess? Very open to ideas, if you have them.

XOXO, and thanks big time for helping me troubleshoot!

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