Slam dunk: totally fresh, Suz. Love how you bring the polish to a casual look.

This is a great look, Suz. Very you! And you remind me I need to get out my RM backpack bag again soon!

Gorgeous Suz! And of course very you! You are fabulous.

Thanks Suz! I am checking it out now.

Suntiger, stop taunting me with that tie dye top!

Yes, so Suz's! But this wouldn't be that gorgeous without the silver buckle belt (and perfect silver pixie)! Oh, and can we find out what literary reference it does (the grey graphic tee)?

Jackets are truly signature to your style, Suz.

My day 3 post is very like this, by coincidence (I am posting outfits one day after I wear them). You look beautiful!

I have to agree with all of the above - you do look beautiful and so perfectly you, even in a t-shirt (but it is a very appropriate t-shirt)!

You know I love this! I broke out a blazer and tee today, myself.

Big surprise - RM is my go-to for bags, as well. I have more, but am currently carrying that buff colored one I put in the Finds here.