I'm having a little bit of style withdrawal in ranch country, so when I saw this long jacket you recommended, I thought I'd have to try it. I'm loving longer jacket silhouettes these days but they're not my easiest thing to fit, so I figure I'd better try the ones I find appealing!

I ordered this in a M (which the Nordies site says is a 8-10) and then saw your comment that it might run a little large. I typically border a 6-8 in tops, but these days I'm more decisively an 8 in bottoms, so this is a common dilemma for me. Should I order the S to try too? I'm not sure how the fit is through the hip, or whether it matters because of the style of closure.

Thanks in advance for any advice you have! I will be anxiously awaiting returning home to try this and the two pairs of black booties I also ordered.