Reading Angie's post about a week of true to us outfits I thought that this would be a great way to battle the fashion boredom that I usually feel at this time of the year. Winter is almost over but still not, most clever or festive outfits have been worn already, the retailers are showing an odd mix of sales and early spring stuff either of which is usually not working for my weather. As a result I dress in the easiest for me - shirt, sweater and jeans. This year however I have decided that won't wear jeans as much and if I don't feel like wearing skirt or a dress will just wear the trousers that I have and continue to purchase.
Here is the backstory of how this outfit was assembled:
I live in a four seasons climate, the winters are sometimes mild, sometimes quite challenging cold and snow wise. It's still winter here and will be most probably until mid March. I commute by the public transport and have always had hard time wearing heels so I'm wearing flats or low block heels only. In addition I work full day in a software company and the dress code is... there is none actually. As long as we're covered we can wear whatever we want. In summer there are people both in flip flops and heels, in winter there are heeled boots and snow boots/uggs. Very often my outfits end up on the casual side due to all of this. Cold weather, slippery side walks, tired towards the end of the week, most colleagues in jeans and sweaters and I start to feel that all I want to wear are jeans and sweaters.

Monday (1):
On Monday I still have the power for skirt or a dress so despite it being cold I put this one. Added a sweater, layering top and knee high boots for warmth. Initially I envisioned that the blues of the sweater and skirt will match. They didn't but I didn't want to change the sweater because I liked its shape together with the skirt.
In general I like how it turned out. I feel really good in pencil skirt and a roomy top. I like the cocoon shape of the sweater. This is why I choose these pieces - they were both purchased because of their special cuts. But it feels a bit casual for what I want to wear these days. And feels like something right for the fall not for few days before March. It is warm and comfortable though, and totally me. It's just that I want my outfits to be more polished.

Tuesday (2-4):
Today I went full on RATE and tough. Although when planning the outfits for the week I was feeling differently it happened to match my nervous and unsure state perfectly today. I love the asymmetry and the pattern of this dress. Initially was also excited about the knee length until it arrived and I saw how thin it actually was. Still the print and the overall shape won me over and it stayed in my closed. So now I'm wearing it with pants which is a trend I wanted to adopt anyway. All of it is a typical me - asymmetry, drape, waist is surrendered, abstract print, tough jeans and boots, statement earrings, topped with favorite old H&M long asymmetric cardigan. Besides authentic it's also a warm outfit plus I think the addition of jeans under the dress makes it a bit more interesting than just dress and boots.

Wednesday (5):
After declaring more skirts and dresses here I am in jeans second day in a row. In my defense this jacket arrived yesterday and decided to wear it instead of the planed skirt. Firts if I wear something rather soon after purchase usually it stays in rotation, second I wanted to test whether a soft velvet jacket (yes, I’m slow with trends) could substitute a sweater being equaly warm and comfortable but more stylish. It passed the test successfully - it is soft and I was sufficiently warm. It’s not perfect (so soft that it doesn’t hold its shape very well) but I sort of like that. I want something that’s both a bit elevated but not precious so I wouldn’t be afraid to wear it casually and often. A more refined piece might end up unworn because I would save it for special occasions only. Would change the buttons though once I have time.
On top had a camel wool coat by Promod (attached in Finds).

Thanks for looking and appreciate any comments and suggestions.

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