What did you wear? Especially those who had to deal with snow and bad weather. Long flared hems are the WORST for rain, slush and snow.

The '80s had me in the best jeans silhouettes - lots of skinnies, paperbag waists, BF styles, and 501s. High rise and maximal.

The 90s had me in a uniform of 501s, bootcuts, trouser jeans, and very flared bootcuts. From high to very low rise.

The early 00's had me in transition. I had VERY soggy bootcut hems living in rainy France and Seattle. Horrible. But I couldn't not wear them at the right length!

In 2006 I resisted the the fringe skinny jeans trend for three months. I bit the bullet and tried on a pair at MNG - and was instantly transported to my favourite '80s fashion era. It took me 5 minutes to get used to them, and I was hooked by their DRY hems more than anything else.

Now, I infrequently wear skinnies because I prefer trendier and roomier silhouettes. But I enjoy the few pairs I have. They serve a purpose and I will probably always have a pair.

Over to you.