Another hurried post as all mine are these days...

This is the aftermath of the recreational visit to the store I keep cycling by and thinking "I must check it some day". Today was my last (convenient) chance, because after I move it will no longer be on my regular route.

Found huge cotton sweater top with bold stripes that also matches my green scarf. I'll post it sometimes this week, I hope.

Saw these. They looked so comfortable (jersey, but not tee-shirty or cheap looking, feels good when touched and worn) and I instantly saw myself wearing them during the long drives and hot summer days in general. Tried them on, wouldn't mind sizing up but there's no next size up, only two next sizes up, but these look good too... do they?

I am so tickled by the thought of them and how unusual for me they are, I have a feeling they can be either huge hit or miss -- but how on Earth do you style them?

I'd hugely appreciate some ideas please. The store has no return policy, so I must go there with several tops to try them on before I take the plunge. Unless you talk me out of them right here and now

ETA: One limitation - I don't buy or longer regularly wear tee shirts.

Worth considering?