We did it! Ana and I just met for tea/lunch. I have to admit that I was quite nervous, not because I thought Ana would turn out to be a 60 year old man, but because that's just how I am. I get nervous in new situations. It didn't take long to relax and enjoy talking. Ana took some pictures and video (!) which she said she will post tonight.

I wore my navy BR dress, silver skinny belt, white jeweled thongs and teeny white handbag. Ana was wearing a gorgeous white dress (I was admiring it so much I forgot to ask where she got it), gold sandals and handbag and her hair (everything else too) was perfectly polished. We were definitely a fab pair of women sitting in that tea room.

Ana in person is just like Ana on forum. Very friendly and straight forward. It seems we both have husbands who like to make us laugh. One thing we both commented on was that while we see each other and write posts, we never actually hear each other. So matching a voice to a face was a little surreal (I had the same experience with Angie's video). I was probably just expecting my voice inside my head reading her posts.

It's exciting to be adding to the YLF experience this way. I hope the Boston tea party is just as much fun. Ana and I plan to meet again.