I love these, you are making me want OTK boots! Love the first one with the leopard scarf - fabulous.

I haven't seen men in short tight pants here but Michigan isn't known for being style setting. Seems like I've seen it on TV and commented to my husband something about the too-tight pants so I'm definitely behind. It does usually take me a while to warm up to new styles though.

I love both your outfits, you look gorgeous! And such fantastic photographs!

So happy to see your OTK boots in action - and wow, great outfits! I agree the photos are lovely too.

I love your dress outfits, Kelly! You look super fab. I especially like the second one, with the length of the dress and the boots, plus the shrug you are wearing with it. The proportions just seem perfect.

Always love your WIW's and these are no different. The first one (of you) is my favourite.

Short pants and shrunken suits are big in The Big City, especially in the downtown banking and insurance sector where I work. Groomed hair (short sides, longer top, fade in back) and tidy beards are big. Not so much hipster as 'metro sexual'. I think the shrunken suit/short pant works better on a shorter man with a trim build. Older gents dress more conservatively, but coordinating shirts, ties, and socks is popular. Regardless, I enjoy a well dressed man and the colour is fun!

My menfolk, like Janet's DH, are tall - all over 6ft 3in with troublesomely long inseams. Despite their age ranges - two 20 somethings, and a 60 year old - they can't seem to get over the scars left by taunts over 'flood' pants - so no fashionable rolled cuffs or shrunken suits here!

My brother started wearing his pants slightly too short years ago. He’ always been pretty peculiar about his personal style and does not like it when his pants cover up his shoes. In hindsight he was spot-on predicting a new trend (though mainly for women). He’s pretty tall and like I said, wears pants slightly too short, not ankle lenghth or anything. I like it fine on him now.
(Context: he’s also young (20 something) and would be considerd a bit of an urbane hipster lol)

You look great in all of these but especially #2! Stunning with the OTK boots and leopard scarf and arty background!

Lovely to see you - you do look terrific and 2 is such s wonderful photo.

Men are definitely looking more fashionable n these parts - especially those in their 20s and 30s - tailored fits, groomed hair and beards, wonderful footwear, great patterns. I love seeing adult men making an effort.