Hi all! Just curious about something ... reading Jussie's recent thread and Suz' thread about style personality matching/mismatching, I am struck by how certain forum members have an excellent ability to see line, colour and shape, and translate this into flattery/harmony, as well as generalized rules to apply to their style.

In my case, I don't have this. Sure over the years I've figured out a few things - cool colours work better than warm and some contrast is good, super-high rises don't flatter me, etc. But generally speaking, I still don't have a great eye for, say, holding up a piece of clothing and determining whether the colour is flattering, or knowing what shape of a dress might work. Sometimes I will see a photo and see that something definitely didn't work - but ask me to articulate why and I can only make clumsy observations; for example, a dress I wore to a wedding several years ago made me look like a clunky linebacker. Don't ask me why; I don't know! I'm guessing it was too "soft" (Kibbe) but that's as refined as I get.

In fact that darn Kibbe test is a great example - are my limbs long? What shape is my face? I have no idea lol

Anyways, not even sure where I'm going with this ... just something I noticed. What do you think? Did you train your eye, or do you have a natural affinity for it? Are some people just less capable of this (in the same way, for example, some people are more of less coordinated for certain sports, let's say)? Is it information overload? Is this related to the fact that I have no sense of direction and limited spatial sense?? Is this a totally useless thread?!?!? I want to know your thoughts!