Angie's post today came hand in hand with a lightbulb moment I had walking from my car to work today: I don't really change my wardrobe seasonally. The only thing that changes is footwear and outerwear - I go from light trench in summer to down puffer and down skirt in summer, and boots come out more often in winter. And of course, when I'm doing something active outdoors like skiing, I'm in layers of gear. But otherwise, I don't really layer or de-layer by season.

For instance, today I'm wearing my trusty Heed UWP sweater with a pair of Vince strapping pants and my Topshop patent booties. I would easily wear this on a cool summer day. The only time I add layers for warmth rather than style is when the temperatures really drop down below 0. Otherwise, although I run cold, I'm generally not willing to put on extras for indoor wear. Instead, I'll just wear warmer fabrics - a cashmere sweater instead of cotton, for instance, or wool pants rather than linen.

Not sure what to make of this realization, just thought I'd share.