I am delighted to say that we are not hosting this year. Too many of our guests have to rush off to attend a second gathering, so we are changing things up.

The afternoon before, we are taking Mr. A's family to a funky pub for an early dinner (very early so the college kids can go out w/friends afterward). The day of, Mr. A and I are going to cook whatever we feel like eating and then watch The Big Lebowski in our basement theater.

On 12/3, a group of young New York City folks are coming for Friendsgiving Potluck in our barn.

I am debating outfits for both events. Since I'm not cooking, I am free from worry over mishaps with grease, gravy, cranberry sauce...

Skirt with boots and a jacket?
Cozy corduroys and a sweater?
Maybe today I'll spend an hour in the closet figuring it out.