Smittie, you crack me up.

Joy, you too. I have sensitive feet, and my Naturalizer mules are sublimely comfortable. No irritation at all.

Very nice summer footwear, Angie. Glad your feet are happy. So are mine. I'm on vacation, bringing:
● rose beige (my blush/nude) patent Birkenstocks
● more covered, chic but comfortable leather sandals in black & blue
● blue suede ballet flats
● low black & white walking shoes in Mary Jane style

I bought the Wendy also and I can vouch for the comfort right out of the box. I wore them to work for 9 hours and I'm on my feet most of the day. Tempted to buy the white but am having a stumbling block on white foot wear that isn't a sneaker , I know I know it's very fashionable right now and I like the look on others but just don't seem to be able to pull the trigger.
I have a soft corn (TMI) in between my toes and Wendy is one of the few sandals I can manage right now.

Naturalizer Wendy
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Your look is nice! Enjoy your trip

I love the new photo of you and Sam! How wonderful that Sam can travel on the plane with you. In Australia they put pets in the cargo area in a cage - which is not nice at all. It is always a great find to get a pair of shoes that you can walk so well in that are not sneakers. I would be duplicating those shoes.

The Cat, your vacation shoes sound wonderful. Lots of colours.

Bijou, I've duplicated them already! In the US, pets go in the cargo pet area too - unless they are very small like Sam. He's only 6 pounds on a very heavy day, and fits in a carrier under the seat.

Gail, white shoes are a Trendy Classic. I've always worn them . You need a white bag or top to wear with them to get you over the hurdle. Thanks for the Wendy validation too. Glad they're working for your fussy feet.

Quick update. I purchased the Wendy in Narrow but for some reason they were too snug so I reordered in regular. Funny because the Simonette Narrow fits like a dream. I can walk miles in those (big smile). Looking forward to the Wendy fitting as my feet are becoming more and more difficult to please (sad face). I am depending more and more on your recommendations Angie. Thanks.

mtnsofthemoon, thanks for the update. Also try the Wendy in half a size up in a Narrow width - compare to the regular.

Gail, those silicone toe protectors are magic for helping with a soft corn between the toes. That is what I use when one arises. I sometimes get one on my right foot.

LisaP's right about Naturalizer's offerings in Canada. They don't have the full range of styles or the more interesting colours. It's a shame. I'd have loved to have tried a few of the options I've seen on the forum. Goodness, maybe I will have to resort to that common Canadian criminal activity -- shoe smuggling?

Gail, I echo Suz on the silicone protecters. I am using them for my pinky toes in closed Summer shoes - and they WORK.

Suz, go Team Shoe Smuggling.

Boy, some people are so sensitive. I loved my morfar who is long gone. All I said was the "brand" says "granny to me" I am not old enough to be a granny and I sure don't want to dress like one.

Thanks for the suggestion Angie! I need those toe protectors too! Great recommendations.

mntsofthemoon, I'll be curious to know which size of Wendy works best, and hope that you're not in-between sizes. I use body glide on my pinky toes before I pop on the silicone toe protector. Works like a charm.

Linder51, we're absolutely entitled to our sartorial preferences - after all, style and fashion are very visual things. You don't fancy the look of Naturalizers, and I do. That's 100% and we can all live in peace. It's all good because it's horses for courses

Angie, What I’m trying to describe isn’t exactly foot pronation. In normal walking, the last thing which happens before your foot leaves the ground is a hard push-off with the big toe. Normally the big toe is immediately in front of the heel when this happens. In the Wendy, something about the footbed causes my big toe to twist my ankle as I’m pushing off, causing me to effectively walk pigeon toed. I wish I knew what exactly was the source of the problem. So I’d know how to avoid it in future. I’m thinking that something about how the weight of the shoe is distributed is causing this. I’m doing much better with the Bella Vita Luc which has a much heavier platform.

Oh, 3Style. Thanks for explaining - which you did so well. Maybe you need a heavier platform as you suggested, and more arch support? Best of luck. I GET high maintenance feet - you have my empathy.

Suz - you crack me up!

Lol Suz

This whole naturalizer thing is so frustrating. I mean really. We have the brand, the stores... surely actually providing the product shouldn’t be so hard? Even if it was an order in thing because they wanted to stock less. Gah.

Angie, I do have sartorial preferences when it comes to foot wear. I don't like cheap shoes from China, etc. That is just my personal fob. Off to sunny Spain for a month. No Naturalizers will be on my feet.

Thought I’d tuck these here for you, Angie. Sorry for the sucky angle.
there’s still a pink & white leopard one and a white one!

That's lovely, jlpp. You have an incredible denim jacket collection - and the frocks and skirts to wear them with I'm sure. I see no repetition so far either. I'm impressed.

Thank you.
Haha, that’s been my *reasoning* with continuing my collection, the fact that they’re all different & worn. (:

Reporting Back: Angie you are so right on. The 9.5 N was the keeper in the Wendy sandal. Also FYI - on a whim I purchased the BR Denim peplum jacket. I am in LOVE. It goes with EVERYTHING! It is so well made, polished and beyond comfortable. It is just what I have been looking for for my sheath work dresses. And it goes with all my summer/vacation dresses. Thank you, thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Mtnsofthemoon, thanks for the update. Woohoooo. That is GREAT. Glad it all worked out. Waving to my sandal and jacket twin.