LisaP, like Angie, I don't find true gear sneakers all that comfortable. I wear them to run in, and wear cross trainers to the gym, but I don't much like them as walking shoes. I have to put insoles in my fashion sneakers to make them work for me, but with those insoles and no-show socks, they're pretty good.

As for the EFs, they're basically fashion sneakers without the sides and top. The spongey sole absorbs impact, which -- given my history of PF -- is my biggest concern. I admit, I did get bottom of foot blisters from them on my first wearing. (Walked about 12,000 steps in them that first day). But now my feet are used to them, so I knew I'd be fine for what promised to be a full day.

Many people would find them perfect. (They get largely great reviews). For me, they're slightly too flat to be ideal, which is why I was glad to get them off at the end of that long day. (12.73 miles) But they're a comfortable, versatile sandal, for sure.

The Vionics are much better for my arches -- my feet feel positively energized in those! But because the 15,000 step day was my first wear of those and it happened to be humid, I did get top of toe blisters. They'll be fine for my next wearing. But I'll let the blisters heal up first!

I think for me that's the secret. I rarely wear the same shoes two days in a row, except for my Fitflops. And the other secret is that I walk every day (or almost) so I'm used to walking, if that makes sense. When Mr. Suz and I go on holiday, it takes him a while to get acclimatized to my pace. He's quite active himself, but doesn't walk as regularly as I do, so he needs a few days to get comfortable with that. If your regular day is 10 to 15 thousand steps, it's not such a big a stretch to double it.

was just in the palisades. that eileen fisher silver flatform was EVERYWHERE.

Pleased they are both working out for you!!

I am tempted by the Wendy's myself - I will watch and see if more colours come through as tan sandals would be perfect for me!! So hard to get a pretty yet practical sandal.

The ballet flats are very cute too but of course Sam is the cutest:)

Yay for happy feet! Thanks for the visual of your feet in the ballet flats. I still picture them in the ones that didn't work! Hugs to Sam.

Yay for finding footwear that makes you look good AND feel good. And yay for traveler Sam-lucky he’s just the right size for airplane travel.

Mirjana, you get it. HIGH FIVE.

Diana, check the toe protectors in Finds. I blogged about it recently, actually. I apply body glide and the protector to my pinky toes and put on loafers and sneakers sans socks. You can feel them at first - and then you forget about them completely. MAGICALLY protective. No blisters at all.

Kelly, you’re so sweet. I’m blushing. Huaraches are an acquired taste, aren’t they? I only JUST acquired the taste out of comfort desperation. Please give them a go.

Jane, YES. I know you love to walk as much as I do. It’s the BEST.

Suz, aren’t feet interesting. Athletic sneakers are THE BEST walking shoe for some - but not for us. Good idea swapping out footwear daily, and YAY TO WALKING. You, Jane, Mirjana and I need to go on an urban walk…

Sal, I hope the Wendys come in other colours for you - and of course, Sam wins the cute contest hands down

Jeanne, now you know how EXTRA fab these fit after seeing what regular shoes look like on my feet.

Yay for happy feet. You and Sam look fabulous.

I am sooooo jealous that you can take Sam on your trips.

Welcome to my weather zone! You must be enjoying the real summer weather! Love both shoes on you and am glad they are working out so well. You and Sam look perfect of course. Enjoy!

Wanted to pipe up and say that I tried the Wendy, and it’s even more beautiful in person. Unfortunately, they weren’t compatible with my walking mechanics. In the size which stays securely on my feet, it makes my big toe turn in towards my midline, when I take a step. So for me they were comfortable on the foot but not to actually walk.

Super pretty shoes!!-) And you and Sam at the airport are beyond adorable.
So glad you found beautiful footwear that (literally) goes the distance, Angie!!

Christina - I'm nodding here!! Birkies are lifesavers for me in Summer. I walk everywhere with them, including +18,000 K walking days during city trips to Barcelona etc.

I am going to order the sandals today. I have a long summer season and I do a lot of walking .... although not as much walking as Suz does. I was thinking of her yesterday as I was walking back and forth to the parking deck. I hope her journeys are prettier.

I am so glad you've found shoes that make your feet happy!
I've just had to start thinking about buying some wide width shoes. I had some hot nuclear trash sneakers give me a blister on the inside of my pinky toe (the INSIDE? Really? Yep, also a blister on the adjacent toe, for a nice matching pair of blisters between my pinky toe and its next door neighbor)

So I'm in the market and understand the struggle is real. Good job finding yourself some cute and comfortable shoes!

Wow, great sandals, &those pink pointy toes are so glamorous, I love you "never give up":-)

I have good luck with Naturalizers, glad you found sandals you like. I prefer sandals over sneakers in hot weather - hate hot feet! I just got some new sandals at Nordstrom Rack over the weekend and love them. They are as comfy as flip flops but look cuter. Unfortunately not leather but in this case I don't care.

Speaking of Salt Lake City, my daughter is currently living there and hubby and I are going to visit in July. I'll have to get some must-see ideas from you!

Ok, I will try Naturalizers next year. They sound amazing.

I purchased the Earth Juno a week ago, never really expecting them to work (the UPS guy must have thought I was nuts with all the Zappos packages arriving every day!). They seemed comfy enough so I wore them Saturday for a cookout. A-OK, but that wasn’t really a good test. So THEN I decided to wear them on Sunday into the city, where we walked a good 3 to 4 miles in the heat. OH MY GOODNESS. So comfy! Not one pressure point, no rubbing, no blisters. My feet swelled by the end of the day but the sandals were still amazing.

I came home and promptly ordered a second pair in another color. I highly, highly recommend these. I have struggled with sandals for years. I have narrow heels, a shallow foot, and the start of bunions. I had almost given up on sandals (last year avoided wearing them completely, except for my Birkenstocks). These were a game-changer. Not even sure if cage sandals are still in style, but I don’t care.

Earth Juno
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Thanks Angie. I’m going to try the toe protectors. I think I’ve finally managed to find some pointy flats that stay on, fit my superfeet inserts, and don’t pinch (fingers crossed) but I’m still a little worried about toe rubbing.

You lot make me laugh. Thanks for the kind words.

3Style, rotten luck. I don't quite get the problem you're describing, but would like to. Do your feet pronate?

Brooklyn, I feel your envy. It is SOOOO nice to travel with your doggie. Hugs.

Jamie, YES. My favourite weather. Love it.

Cindy, I've had blisters in that spot. Thanks for the empathy.

Diana, always worth a try. Want to see your new flats.

Aquamarine, nice sandal recommendation. Will put them on the weekly roundup. GREAT feeling to have finally found something that works. I get it!

RobinF, we live downtown in a loft (part time here in SLC). Maybe we can meet up?

kkards and Lyn67, you are lovely.

Sterling, I hope they work. If you have wide feet - order the wide.

Inge, you are Queen Birkie.

Cute pictures. LOL about the toe protectors. Wondering what the TSA at the airport think of those?

Angie we are renting a house just blocks out of downtown, I think less than 2 miles. We will be there July 26-30, I'd love a meet up if you are there then!

Linder51, I have global entry - no need to take my shoes off - and no need to wear them to the airport either.

RobinF, I'll keep you posted. I might be here that week.

Happy feet are the best!

So happy to hear that you found fab shoes that work and are comfortable.
Enjoy them. I always have an eye open for good shoes, that has led me to having more than I need and I will have to taper my shoe purchases .

Thanks for sharing about the toe protectors . I'll have to pick some up . It is indeed fascinating how different feet are - and who can tolerate what in their shoes. I wore an older pair of Michael Kors leather sneakers on an 8 hour shift yesterday - on my feet for most of the day- and my feet and legs positively ached by the time I got home. No rubbing or pinching, just no real support or contouring in the footbed I think. I'd only ever worn them for short stints at a time, and back to that they'll go. Naturalizers don't sell all of the styles in Canada that we see here on the forum. Although there are stand-alone Nat stores here in malls, they tend to be dreary and dark places . They are indeed comfortable shoes, but style-wise there is always something slightly "off" for me. To each her own

I am with Lisap on the Naturalizers. They always look like granny shoes to me.

Thistle, you said it.

Joyce B, if shoes are your thing - milk it. I know you don't compromise on comfort either.

Lisa p, feet are COMPLICATED. You only truly get that when you help people with their styles for a living. People's comfort requirements are very different - so are their sartorial preferences. I'm grateful to be exposed to the vast variations and have empathy for all of it.

Linder51, I love grannies

Late to this thread but loving the happy feet discussion!

I'm on team running-shoes-are-the-most-comfy-for-lots-of-walking. Can't imagine walking all day in Suz's sandals, but glad for her than she can!

It's funny how we each have such different feelings about particular styles. Interesting that Naturalizer doesn't carry the full range in Canada. I've been wearing this brand for a long time and they used to be more conservative, but in the past few years they have really modernized, at least here in the U.S., without losing their comfort level. I bought those same white sandals Angie has, even in her exact size! They remind me of leather huaraches that were in style when I was in my 20's, as part of what we called "hippie" style then, now it would be called "boho". It feels like a very youthful, casual, and retro style to me. On the other hand although I have no children I'm the right age to be a maybe that's why they look like granny shoes to Linder51s.

The toes are out,summers officially here!Hope you have a fab break and rock that “granny”chic.(I do not know how anyone could think that there was anything granny ish about you!)

Chris987, I've seen Naturalizer modernize their assortment over the last few years too. Look at the Naturalizer mules I got - see Find. I'm so very grateful that they make a comfortable shoe that fits and that I enjoy wearing. HIGH FIVE.

Cardiff Girl, you're sweet, and thanks for the kind words. Not on a break though. Just the usual work thing in Salt Lake City - although I don't see clients here. Next week, we go on holiday! LOVING the heat here.

Granny brands are The Next Big Thing!

Yes, Smittie, the Baby Boomers are retiring at a fast rate and lots of grannies. Fashion brands need to take note.
This time of year I especially miss wearing sandals, but there are lots of alternatives out there that still protect feet. Thank you so much for including shoes that cover toes in your warm weather footwear finds.
Do you think the Naturalizer Simonette mules would irritate the top of sensitive feet?