I'm interpreting this as "things I always gravitate towards and always have as part of my wardrobe."

1.) lightweight cotton sweaters--the weight of the J Crew "Jackie" sweaters, if you're familiar with those. I wear these almost 12 months a year, since they're the right weight for too-cold A/C in summer and overheated public spaces in winter. I used to mainly have these as cardis, but today I mostly have v- or crewneck pullovers.

2.) jeans--boyfriend, straight-legged bootcut

3.) very casual summer dresses and jersey skirts--I dislike shorts

4.) hooded sweaters and t shirts--yeah, don't ask me to explain

5.) fashion sneakers

6.) distressed metallic footwear and purses

7.) platform/flatform sandals and semi-clompy boots--should I just say "clunky shoes"? Over 30 years ago, one of my friends' mothers famously said while shopping, "oh! those are Andrea shoes, they're so ugly they're cute!" and nothing has change in the interim

8.) cool sunglasses--are these really a statement piece though? OTOH, I wear them daily, so...