I'd say lightweight jersey dresses or maxi skirts in a natural fiber or a viscose/rayon, but those aren't always great for running around. Linen pants, lightweight cotton pants; especially if s straight or wide leg variety (air movement is better for me inside a wider leg). Crop/capri length helps with air flow and keeps the hems from getting all dirty.

I've found I'm drifting to wearing skorts more and more, rather than shorts. Nothing conscious, I just like how they look, and feel. I have nicer ones that I'd wear on weekends if I'm going somewhere (Eddie Bauer) and running skirts from Lulu for exercising or cottaging, or housework, and Costco makes some great ones that are okay for work (we get pretty casual in July/Aug). My fav one is actually a black athletic one from Costco, the fabric is quick dry but doesn't look gearish, so good for pretty much anything. I think it's a Tuff Athletics one. There's something about the look of a skirt, but the ease of shorts.

I never wear shorts. I wear dresses for anything non-athletic, and I wear cropped pants or capri leggings for gardening and biking. I even dislike athletic shorts, although I will wear a standard one-piece swimming suit. It isn't that I dislike my legs; I just don't find shorts to be flattering on me at all.

I have no problem with shorts and wear them regularly. But I'm trying to get a better look for running about town and dealing with flexibility with changes in activities. So I recently stocked up on these Old Navy dresses. The price and ratings are amazing. Looks great with athletic shoes. Throw on a short jacket and jewelry and it dresses up immediately. I am only 5'5' but I got the tall so it would reach to almost the top of the knee.

"May I ask what y'all are wearing to mow the lawn, garden, play in the park with the kids, ride your bike, paint the fence, clean out the garage, go for a walk etc etc etc?"

Capris. Only capris. Some yoga-pant capris, but once the hot weather really sets in, capris in lightweight material from Eddie Bauer. I live in a place where it gets miserably hot and humid all summer, and capris work for me without making me feel self-conscious.

I'm short(ish) with muscular legs and I don't much like how I look in shorts but I do wear them around the house and for chores.

For being out and about I far prefer skirts, dresses, culottes, and cropped linen pants. I try to ensure I have at least one super-casual dress in my wardrobe for ultra hot days.

If I lived in your climate I'd probably have a lot of cotton-linen a line skirts.

I don’t love how I look in shorts — my legs are long, but otherwise not terribly attractive. But I suck it up and wear shorts a fair amount in the summer because they suit my casual life and hot and humid summer climate. I have several pairs that range from mid-thigh to knee length that I enjoy wearing well enough. I always hate the first day wearing them, but then get used to seeing my bare legs and shrug and accept it.

Years back I wore capris, but I fear they look sort of dated and frumpy on me now. Maybe if I find the right cargo-ish capris they can look right for my style.

I like the idea of loose lightweight pants but have a hard time finding the right thing that fits and flatters. I like the idea of lightweight joggers but my husband doesn’t love that look, so I don’t wear it as much as I might otherwise.

I often end up wearing cut off jeans and chinos that are rolled to a sort of clamdigger (just below knee) length — I know it’s not exactly trendy at the moment, but it happens to be a flattering length on me, so I go with it.

I do have a selection of cropped/rolled chinos that are not bad in summer — I wear them on the loose side to stay cool. Also a couple of lightweight skirts, but they are not as useful for a truly causal day.

When it gets really hot (and humid) I like a light weight cotton/linen trapeze style dress that floats away from the body. I will wear a pair of very lightweight shorts underneath if the dress runs shortish.

For yard chores I wear cropped jeans or shorts. I really do prefer shorts but run so cold that jeans aren't an issue in the heat.

Make sure to wear a hat and gobs of sun protection when you are out and about!

I still do wear shorts quite a bit - and even light weight jeans on some days but I also enjoy changing it up. Linen pants (dark navy shows wrinkling less), a skort and some lighter joggers have given me a few options. Also a cropped lightweight white "jean" (similar to the one in Finds but mine are lighter EF brand). I have only one summer dress but may be adding one more this season.

I ditto linen-BLEND roomy pants, copped, or more tapered rolled hems, and lightweight cotton chinos.

Lisa p, I do a lot of yard and garden work and in hot weather I wear cargo shorts, stuff my pruners and seeds and gloves in the pockets. And no “ cute” sneakers, either. I also have to deal with tick precautions. I wear my old Rider jeans until it’s hot.

Lisa - second LaP- Lyme disease rampant- long pants in light weight tucked in socks for hiking and yard work/ garden. Jeans when on riding mower for protection. Capri or skirt for biking . Dress for everything else.

I am 5' 1", so the regular size dresses shown hit me just above the knee. Linen or linen blend tends to be the coolest. The cropped linen pants below are in Petite and the joggers just went on sale and are supposed to be delivered tomorrow. I own the striped ones next to it as well as the 3/4 sleeved linen dress in olive which I find cool due to the fabrication. Woven (vs. knit) sack/shift dresses and loose flow-y skirts are cool but I find the trick is finding versions that aren't see-through at legs or armholes and have sufficient length not to be indecent when bending over or lifting one's arms.