I have an old black shirtdress I love (first one in Finds), and I especially like the waist design and the fact that it has pockets. However, it is barely getting any wear, as I am bothered by the length - it hits me just above the knee, and I have a strong preference for midi dresses these days. With all the tiered midi dresses trending, I have been thinking that it would be a fairly simple alteration to add a a tier of fabric to the skirt to lengthen the dress, like with the pink dress in the Finds. I would probably want the tier to have a slight high-low design, like the third, black VB dress in the Finds.

The issue is, of course, finding/sourcing the fabric. The dress is made of black stretch cotton poplin. While there are plenty of such fabrics around, I doubt it would be possible to have a perfect match and I would be bothered by mismatched fabrics. I am down to these two options and wondering what your thoughts are:
1) Choose a purposefully different fabric for the tier, like lace ( example white dress in the Finds) or thin cotton eyelet. In this case I would probably want to swap the sleeves for the new fabric as well, for visual balance/cohesiveness.
2) The same dress can be found on resale sites like Ebay/Poshmark, often in significantly larger size, gently used or not used at all. I could buy such a dress and use the skirt as source for the perfectly matching fabric for the tier. I am wondering is it is a bit strange/wasteful to do so, buying a dress only to take it apart. On the other hand, it is probably more sustainable to reuse an existing piece that way