So I'm shamelessly piggybacking on Jackie's post here. I also got a pair of black booties at NAS and have been idly wondering if there was a better option out there. Ironically enough, the ones I'd originally gotten were actually the Sam Edelman Pacific ones that she'd mentioned as a possible better option for herself.

Anyway, I'd been hesitating a little about the Pacifics. They fit great, are comfy, seem to suit me and my wardrobe, and would be useful, since a pair of flat black booties that straddle the work-weekend line would get lots of wear. Not sure exactly what my hesitation was, but I think I was wondering whether I should go for something trendier and more of a stretch rather than a total comfort-zone thing. Especially since flat black booties are everywhere and are probably the least fit- or size-challenged item of clothing I'm likely to be looking for for quite some time, so the universe of potential options is much wider than it usually is. For some reason, I hit on the idea that maybe my problem is that these are sort of Chelsea boots with the elastic and the tab on the back, but aren't 100 percent there. So I naturally concluded: Maybe a full-on Chelsea boot would be more like it?

I'd seen these J. Crew boots online and couldn't stop thinking about them even after they temporarily went out of stock, so I decided to order once I saw they were back. And … I don't think they quite work.

Something about the fit is odd. They kind of fold over and look galoshy at the front of the ankle, and the higher, more fitted shaft doesn't seem as flattering on my already-stumpy legs as the Pacifics. And, frankly, maybe the slightly earthier feel of the Pacifics just plain suits me better than the sleek, polished Chelseas. I'd been thinking the J. Crew pair would work for me precisely because it wasn't the sleekest pair ever (leather is more matte than glossy, toe isn't particularly pointy, etc.), but apparently not so much.

At any rate, I think I'm going to return the J. Crew ones. The Pacifics are growing on me after I've compared them to something else, but I'm still wondering if I should look for another option, or if that's just wasting my time. I kind of liked the Seychelles Melancholies that some people have (another Chelsea, but an even less sleek one), but I couldn't find my size in stock anywhere.

Any thoughts? Any honest feedback is welcome. I know I'm rambling. I also don't mean to sound like I don't like the Pacifics, because I do, and I'm indecisive and overthinky enough that this level of dithering isn't necessarily a danger sign.

#1-2 are the J. Crew ones. #3 has Pacific on the left and J. Crew on the right. #4 has J. Crew on top, Pacific on the bottom (and really tired, end-of-day face). A few more pics of the Pacifics on me are here.

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