I like perusing travel capsules and thinking of what makes clever, versatile and interesting choices.
Since I run cold, on some types of trips I will basically wear a topper ( indoor weight) most of the day and/ or would want the topper to ADD something ( more defined style, cheery color) not detract, from the final look.
For this, I sometimes wonder whether I'm better off to keep focusing on the perfect jacket to wear over everything, which might look about the same every day, or whether to have say 3 rather different- looking jackets over a base layer that is more neutral and simple.
Jackets take up more packing room( though 1 is being worn) but mostly I'm talking about lighter weight, packable items such as knit blazers and cardigans, and under this schematic the tops would be simpler and thinner ( drapey T 's and knit longsleeved items).
Scarves can do the same trick, but are sometimes " trickier" to wear on some trips, or are too warm.
I'd say the same thing about footwear, but if sticking to my most reliable comfort - walking shoes , I am usually at just a couple of similar styles.
Of course, for a 4-5 day trip and the value of packing light, the fewest of everything could be a goal and monotony is okay when comfortable and focusing in sightseeing, family.
A middle ground is 2 distinct toppers ( dark and light, or one neutral and one bright).

What say you?