Hi all

A couple of outfits to share.

Outfit 1 (pics 1-3): dinner with friends on Saturday night. I wanted to try the ensemble. I suspect my ivory jacket does not qualify as a blazer but I decided it was sufficiently blazer-ish to give it a go. I tried tying my scarf muffler style as per the ensemble but because it is particularly long and wide it felt too bulky. I ended up wearing it just draped around my neck with no tie at all. 3 patterns: chevron jacket, floral scarf, zebra bag. At the venue I ditched the jacket, because I was warm, but I left the scarf on. I thought the scarf added a touch of drama and a strong vertical line to the outfit. It has a silver lurex thread through it, so it is quite sparkly and picks up the silver of the wonder cuffs. The asymmetric tunic top is from Motto (from back when forum member Deborah worked there). The flares are coated jeans, so they have a leather look. Pic 4 is just to show how the combination looks without the scarf (which is how I usually wear it).

Outfit 2 (pics 5-6): Military style blazer (??) or jacket (last year from Zara). Worn with dark floral tee, step hem jeans and ankle boots. And Nicole Kidman circa 1988 style hair No scarf because I wore this to work on Friday and the ensemble comes out on Friday night here. Next time.

It's fun that at this time of year those of us in the Southern Hemisphere can be wearing similar outfits to those of you in the north!

Your thoughts welcome