...combined with feeling a little stir crazy after being home sick, and I stopped in at DSW today to try on a bunch of shoes I had no intention of buying at the moment.

I have this idea in my head that some sleek booties might "level up" some of my go-to outfits, so I gathered up some suede and leather options to try on, mostly in shades of taupe. I definitely learned some things.

First (photo 1), these burgundy suede Steve Madden boots were just a lark from the clearance rack. They're a clear indication of my why all my taller boots are lace-ups. This is the highest they would go on my calves.

Then, I tried on a series of the type of sleek booties I was envisioning. Some Blondos (photo 2) and Steve Maddens (photo 3), both cut straight across the top, dug uncomfortably into the front of my ankles.

The Me Toos (photos 4 and 5) with more of a split opening worked much better. I wasn't in love with the color, but will probably look for this shape in the future.

And then there was this pair of laser-cut western boots (photos 6 and 7 and 8), which aren't sleek at all, but when I put them on and stood up to walk around, another customer gasped, "Are those yours, or did you find them here?!" I didn't get them, because I wasn't sure about fit (might have to go back and try them with socks instead of tights), but yeah, they spoke to me. So much for toning down the boho.

My conclusion here is, I guess, to channel Angie and say, "I'm open to a pair of taupe-ish suede booties." Let's see what shows up.

(And bonus WIW in photo 9! Just for the heck of it.)

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